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Foxconn roof installation, nearly a million square feet.

Wisconsin’s Rising Economic Tide 

It was President Kennedy who declared, “A rising tide lifts all boats.” Well friends, the tide is rising in the United States of America, especially right here in the great state of Wisconsin. Our blazing-hot economy is paying out dividends to Americans and Wisconsinites of every creed, color, age, and gender. It’s plain to see that the entire country is benefiting from our economic fortunes, demonstrating that our bold, pro-growth policies are exactly what America needs.

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics released the September jobs report last week, unveiling some impressive new figures. The nationwide unemployment rate has dropped to a mere 3.5 percent, making this the lowest unemployment rate that America has seen since 1969. A fifty-year record is nothing to sneeze at, neither are the latest numbers for Black and Hispanic unemployment, shrinking to 5.5 percent and 3.9 percent, respectively. Beyond this, Wisconsin’s unemployment rate is even lower than the nationwide average, sporting a 3.1% rate as employers have more jobs to fill than there are people to work. It is clear that getting government out of the way, cutting taxes, and engaging the free market has helped lift all Americans and Wisconsinites towards prosperity.

On top of Wisconsin’s humming economy, we are only beginning to see the enormous impact that Foxconn will have on our state’s economy. Foxconn’s construction is moving along rapidly as the tech company continues to employ large amounts of Milwaukee-area construction workers to assemble their massive campus. Wisconsin’s red-hot economy will be lit on fire by the time Foxconn is fully operational, thanks again to our bold reforms.

With little signs of slowing down, Wisconsin, along with the entire country, is riding the high-tide of our robust economy. We must continue to embrace pro-growth, free market-emphasized policies, or risk forfeiting the numerous rewards of Wisconsin’s economic comeback. 

New Technology Training at Hamilton High School

In response to an ever-changing job market, schools across Wisconsin, like Hamilton High School, are working with area corporations to meet the new challenges of preparing students for a successful future in manufacturing, applied engineering and technology. We commend these educators for their innovation and dedication to the future of our children.   



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