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Welcome Back and Thank You!

Once again I have been privileged for the opportunity to serve the people of Wisconsin’s 22nd Assembly District. I look forward to serving in the upcoming 104th Session of the Wisconsin State Legislature. Although the political landscape in Madison has changed I remain dedicated to finding conservative, family based solutions to education, common sense fixes to healthcare and reasonable policies to protect the quality of our air and water. I believe that we can develop a cost-effective approach to maintain Wisconsin’s roadways without instituting punitive taxes on Wisconsin’s families. Once again I am honored to serve the 22nd Assembly District and I am humbled by your continued support.

Direct Balloting Bill

This session I introduced Assembly Bill 637, or the Direct Balloting Bill, which gives municipalities the option to alter the in person absentee voting process. Specifically it aims to prevent loss and or malfunctions of absentee ballots by allowing the voter to directly feed their ballot into a voting machine instead of putting it into an envelope and storing it away until Election Day. 
This bill would have helped prevent the “voter fraud” stories you’re hearing across the country by making “lost absentee ballots” a thing of the past. The integrity of our elections is of the highest importance, and I’ve long believed we need to do everything we can to improve voter confidence. I will continue to advocate for this important legislation.

Working with Governor Elect Evers

With the recent election comes a new Governor and new ideas. I’m looking forward to working with Governor Elect Evers on the many issues where we see eye to eye. When it comes to transportation, Evers has insisted that he will be fixing the roads, and that “all options are on the table”. I agree with Evers that he needs to fund transportation without raising taxes, like he has promised.

Evers has stated he wants to bring down health insurance premiums, and cover everyone with preexisting conditions. Although our Governor Elect has merely “started the conversation” he has no specific plan on how to achieve it. He will be happy to see that Assembly Republicans have a long history of voting to protect all with preexisting conditions.

Lastly, our Governor Elect has promised to lower middle class taxes 10%, and that’s exactly what Wisconsin needs to keep our booming economy on track. I hope that we can finally come to the table together and talk meaningful bi-partisan tax reform.

Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours