November 3, 2017

Volume 3 Issue 24


State Representative Janel Brandtjen

AB 201-Right of Way (ROW) Bill Passes Assembly

I have been working with ABATE of Wisconsin, representatives from law enforcement, the insurance industry, and the DOT to significantly improve the way we handle right of way violations in Wisconsin.

Right now, various ROW violations are treated differently. For example, failure to yield at a stop sign is treated differently than failure to yield at a traffic light. AB 201 provides consistency for all ROW violations.

Under current law, certain right of way violations require the driver to take a roadway user's safety course. Under AB 201, all violations would require the offender to take the course, which is available online.  

Right now, several ROW violations require an automatic suspension of one's drivers license if the infraction causes bodily harm, great bodily harm, or death. AB 201 removes the automatic suspension for ROW violations that causes bodily harm, which can be as little a scratch or scrape. Great bodily harm is a broken bone or even a serious injury that does not result in death. It should come as no surprise that the vast majority of ROW violations that cause injury are minor injuries and will no longer result in an automatic suspension.

AB 128 Pro-Life Bill Passes Assembly

Yesterday, my colleagues and I passed a bill that will continue to protect the rights of the unborn here in Wisconsin. AB 128 will prevent the Wisconsin Group Insurance Board from entering into contracts with or providing health insurance plans funded by taxpayers that would cover abortions for Wisconsin state employees.

No matter what your opinion on abortion is, Wisconsin taxpayers should not be forced to pay for procedures that they find morally reprehensible. As a coauthor of this bill, I am very happy to see this bill passed. I must commend my colleagues in the Assembly for their efforts in protecting the right to life in our state.

I sincerely hope the Senate will continue to value the lives of the unborn and urge them to pass this bill.

 AB 499-Ending the Mining Moratorium

One of the most underutilized economic opportunities we have in Wisconsin is taking advantage of our available natural resources. Our state has been blessed with deposits of many precious minerals, including zinc, copper, and gold. The left continues to use "doomsday predictions" to thwart any attempt to develop the mining industry.

AB 499 simply removes the "Prove it First" moratorium on mining in Wisconsin that was enacted over 20 years ago. If a mining company wants to do business in our state, they still must pass a rigorous application process with the Department of Natural Resources. In addition, the DNR and local communities have the final say on whether or not a mine will be opened in a certain area.

Protecting the environment is a priority of the Legislature. That is why the bill provides for a 120 year special bond with the DNR to protect against longtime environmental damage and provides for funds to cover the cost of any cleanup efforts. New technology that has been developed since the moratorium was first enacted allows for safer mines, and safeguards will still be in place to prevent against any environmental harm.

This week, President Trump announced that the semiconductor giant Broadcom is moving its headquarters to the United States. What a perfect time to utilize our available opportunities.

God Bless Wisconsin!













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