February 3, 2017

Volume 3 Issue 4

State Representative Janel Brandtjen

Wisconsinís Biennium Budget

Next week Wednesday at 4:00pm, Governor Walker will give his fourth Budget Address to the members of the Wisconsin State Legislature. The Governor will release his budget request at that time and the 2017-19 budget process will formally begin. The next step will be for the legislature, led by the Joint Finance Committee (JFC), to go through the governor's budget line by line. The JFC will make changes to the budget with input from legislators, citizens and various interest groups. After the JFC completes their work, the budget bill will go through each house of the legislature. Each house will have an opportunity to make changes to the bill, however, both houses must pass the same exact bill or the budget would be sent to a conference committee to debate the differences. Once a budget is agreed upon and passed, it is sent to the Governor. The Governor has limited veto power and can make changes to certain portions of the bill. The final step is for the legislature to override any of the Governor's vetoes if they so choose. They would need two-thirds vote in each house. Read more here.      

Federal Compliance Legislation

Several of us in the legislature have introduced a bill that would compel local municipalities to follow federal law. Although many onlookers will try to spin the idea, it is a simple request. Local officials don't get to pick and choose which laws they will uphold. Elected officials have a sworn duty to uphold the law. It's how government by the people, for the people, works. No one is above the law and everyone deserves a safe community. Thursday I put out a press release detailing the measure. See the bill here.

Senior Living and Voting Absentee

My office has been getting several calls regarding some changes in voting regulations for those who reside in senor living apartments and other senior living complexes. Please feel free to contact my office at (608) 267-2367 or toll free (888) 534-0022. You can also access information by clicking on one of the following links.   

Menomonee Falls - http://www.menomonee-falls.org/523/Absentee-Voting

Town of Lisbon - http://www.townoflisbonwi.com/221/Elections-Voting

Village of Lannon - http://www.villageoflannon.com/Pages/Directory.aspx

Village of Richfield - http://www.richfieldwi.gov/index.aspx?nid=123

Town of Erin - http://www.erintownship.com/index.php/election-information.html


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