April 28, 2017

Volume 3 Issue 10

State Representative Janel Brandtjen

                                             Wisconsin's Job Numbers are Promising

The unemployment rate for Wisconsin has fallen to 3.4%, the lowest level since 2000. The national average is 4.6% and once again Wisconsin is leading the way with our conservative reforms. Since 2013 Wisconsin has added 42,000 jobs with the manufacturing tax credit program alone. Creating an environment that attracts businesses is something that will pay dividends for years to come.   


Transportation Budgeting

There is no bigger issue these days than the transportation budget. The new DOT secretary Dave Ross is doing a phenomenal job so far. While he looks for ways to stretch our transportation dollars, we in the legislature have reintroduced a couple of bills that will go a long way to save taxpayer money.  Senate Bill 216 would eliminate prevailing wage which would significantly reduce the cost of road projects across the state. Senator Stroebel and Representative Rob Brooks are working on a measure that would swap federal and state roads funds in such a way that would save millions in federal mandates.  The Governor has committed an additional $100 million in fiscal year 17 which will allow the DOT to complete some projects a year ahead of schedule.  I remain optimistic that we can fully fund our transportation needs without raising taxes.


K-12 Funding

Wisconsin spent $5.24 billion in the 2015-16 school year. Every year since Governor Walker enacted ACT 10 we have added a significant amount of money for K-12.  This budget cycle the Governor is asking for $200 per student in 2017-18 and $204 per student in 2018-19.  Wisconsin continues to be one of the nations leaders in ACT scores and graduation rates. Wisconsin remains dedicated to quality schools. School districts across the state will still need to practice sound fiscal practices and prioritize their spending projects wisely.

Freedom of Speech on Campus

We are all aware that college campuses have been hotbeds of violent activities including protests that turn destructive and dangerous. We send our children to college and pay substantial amounts of money to enroll them so that they can gain the skills necessary to live rewarding and successful lives. The present political climate on campus is unacceptable. Young adults in college should be exposed to diversity and that includes diversity of ideas and thoughts.  When protests turn into movements to prevent others from engaging in free speech those protesters are violating the constitution. When protesters block others from entering a building they become criminals and should be dealt with as such. I'll be looking forward to the debate on this topic in the near future.     

100 Year Anniversary of The Wisconsin State Capitol

Visit the website for a bit of history and some beautiful pictures.         

God Bless Wisconsin!


          Spring has Sprung at the State Capitol





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