July 21, 2017

Volume 3 Issue 16

State Representative Janel Brandtjen

The Wisconsin State Senate introduced their preliminary budget this week.  Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald and other top Senate Republicans held a news conference introducing their 660 page proposal. The senate version eliminates prevailing wage, protects most of the Governors education increases and increases bonding for roads. The budget also eliminates personal property tax, the forestry mill tax and the alternative minimum tax. Senator Fitzgerald also pointed out that the senate was "just not comfortable" raising taxes to fund DOT because there are still too many reforms that need to come first. I think the move by the senate is a positive step towards getting a budget that moves us in the right direction even if it is just inches right now.

Shortly after the Senate proposal was unveiled, Governor Walker met with Speaker Vos and Senate Leader Fitzgerald. Although right now the negotiations are still evolving, it appears that there has been a tentative proposal to trade $200 million of  proposed income tax cuts for less bonding for road projects.  The Assembly leadership team has accepted that proposal. Read the letter here.

I will continue to fight for a more responsible budget that cuts more waste and unneeded spending, decreases the tax burden on working families and entrepreneurs, with as little bonding as possible to protect future generations.      

Good News For Workers

The economy is doing well and that means more and more jobs are being created. Not only are there more jobs available, but employers find themselves competing for needed workers.  This competition has resulted in increased wages for low level employees.  A rising tide lifts all shifts and lower income workers are feeling the benefits.  The Wall Street Journal is reporting that lower income wages are rising faster than other income levels due to simple supply and demand.  Sorry Seattle, economic growth Trumps artificial wage mandates. 

Wisconsin is in the running to land the highly publicized Foxconn deal. The 7 billion dollar investment could mean up to 10,000 jobs for Wisconsin.  Oshkosh, Inc is also gearing up for a 165 million dollar contract from the US Army and is in the running for a one billion dollar contract from the UK.  Keep your fingers crossed, but things are looking up.      

2017 Survey Results

Every year I send out a survey to my constituents (postal logistics and economic considerations prevent the survey from reaching everyone). Although we must realize that such surveys are unscientific, they serve as a sounding board for citizens and assist me in representing the 22nd Assembly District.  The survey input comes from duel sources, the paper survey that was mailed and the online survey available on my website.

1. How do you think Wisconsin is doing as a state?     266 respondents were pleased with the direction we are headed while 137 were unhappy.

2. Our top 2017 budget priorities should be...   The top answer was cutting taxes, followed by reducing crime and funding schools.

3. UW - Madison is ranked 7th in the Big Ten for tuition. 163 people want tuition to increase at the rate of inflation, 155 people support a freeze while 133 want a tuition cut.

4. To reduce fraud in the welfare system we should...  334 want photo ID cards for food stamps, 307 support drug testing, 298 feel work should be required and 284 would support restrictions on junk food. 

5. Abortion...  203 respondents feel that abortion should be illegal in most cases while 127 feel it should illegal in all cases.  30 people said abortion should be legal in all circumstances.  

God Bless Wisconsin!


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