August 10, 2017

Special Edition 1

State Representative Janel Brandtjen 

Foxconn Ė Beware of False Narratives and Misleading Headlines:

 In the next few weeks, the Wisconsin State Legislature will be voting on a package of incentives that will pave the way for the largest job creating Greenfield investment in the history the country. There is no doubt in my mind that the pro-business, pro-jobs leadership of President Trump and Governor Walker is a game changer for Wisconsin. Foxconn is proposing a $10 billion manufacturing plant that in the end could create both directly and indirectly, 22,000 well-paying jobs. Of course there are the naysayers. Let me address some concerns.

1.      Foxconn is getting taxpayer dollars.

Foxconn is receiving tax credits for every job they create over $30,000.  The incentive is capped at $1.5 billion. If they donít create the jobs, they donít receive the tax credits. Wisconsin needs to attract business development and providing incentives is the nature of the market today. If we want these kinds of investors, we need to compete. However, it is time Wisconsin lawmakers consider lowering tax rates for everyone.  

2.      We are waving environmental protections for air and water.

Nothing could be further from the truth. All environmental protections remain in place and Foxconn will be required to follow all laws regarding clean air and clean water. The proposal will streamline the permit process and eliminate duplicate efforts. There already are conversations taking place to reform these protections for all Wisconsin businesses.

3.      The Legislative Fiscal Bureau (LFB) says it will take 25 years to breakeven with this incentive plan.

Foxconn investment is about creating jobs and boosting the Wisconsin economy. The LFB is in the business of making projections about the future based upon several unknown variables, 25 years is the worst case scenario. The value of moving people from dependency to good paying jobs cannot be measured by the LFB.  The 25 year projection is meaningless for both the 22,000 families who will be directly affected by the Foxconn investment and the tens of thousands more that will reap the benefits of a thriving economy.  

God Bless Wisconsin!




                                         Foxconn -It's about Jobs and Families




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