September 15, 2017

Volume 3 Issue 20


State Representative Janel Brandtjen

Budget Madness: How We Fix the Mess We Made

Earlier this week, after 12 hours of debate, I decided to vote against the Republican-led budget. This wasn’t an easy vote to take, largely in part because there are a few good portions; repeal of prevailing wage, elimination of three separate taxes, and an audit of the UW-System. Sadly, I do not believe that these reforms are enough. I stand beside Senator Stroebel and others who want to implement more conservative reforms before final passage.

Some of those reforms being asked for in the Senate would save taxpayers millions of dollars and help local governments spend money more wisely. Those reforms include the Fed-Swap bill, and creating a more transparent way local governments tax their citizens.

In the budget that the Assembly passed, there are far too many reforms not implemented, while increasing the amount of money being spent. Why give the UW-System more money while enrollment is decreasing? Why increase K-12 spending when the DPI has never been audited? Why is a Republican-led government funding Circus World Museum? How do any of these fall within the mantra of “smaller government”?

There is no reason any Republicans should be compromising with themselves on these issues. We were sent to Madison to implement smaller government, no matter what it takes. I applaud Sen. Stroebel and others for doing everything they can to make this budget better.

FOXCONN Heads To The Governor's Desk

The Foxconn investment package has passed both houses and the Governor is expected to sign it into law on Monday. Since there continues to be some confusion on the merits of the deal, let me defuse some of the misconceptions.

1. The proposal passed by the Legislature does NOT remove any environmental protections. It simply streamlines the permit procedure.

2. The state will require that the Foxconn investment comes BEFORE the state allows the investment tax credits.

3. The proposal requires that Foxconn produces quality jobs BEFORE the state allows the jobs tax credits.

I believe that the incentive package is a great deal for Wisconsin and will have an extremely positive impact on our state for years to come.

God Bless Wisconsin!



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