November17, 2016

Volume 3 Issue 1

State Representative Janel Brandtjen:

Thank you for your support:

Now that the election is over I am able to resume my newsletters to my constituents, friends and fellow Americans.  I would like to start out by saying thank you to all who took the time to show your support for the work I have done on behalf of the 22nd Assembly District. I did receive over 98% of the vote in which I am truly humbled. 

Time for reflection:

Certainly none us of can remember any election that comes close to the turmoil, division and twists than this past election.  Both parties had candidates that were  less than perfect. We had media bias. We had FBI probes.  Emails from WikiLeaks and 11 year old tapes of stupid talk.

The election was a referendum on Obamaís healthcare plan, Hillaryís email server and Trumpís arrogant playboy persona. Trump campaigned on borders, healthcare, ISIS and bringing back jobs. Hillaryís campaign concentrated on negative Trump ads. I wrote a column on Trumps jobs initiative. 

The Supreme Court was the ultimate factor.

The choice of Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump for four years is oversimplifying the situation.  The next president will appoint at least two members of the Supreme Court and the consequences will be felt for the next generation. Many of us who expect the court to give a traditional interpretation of the constitution and rule accordingly underestimate the damage that a liberal court can do.  Liberal judges do not limit themselves to the constitution, they legislate from the bench.  They rule in favor of their own desires and beliefs giving no weight to actual law. They have overturned Wisconsinís photo ID laws and a federal judge ruled that limiting early voting to two weeks created a hardship for the African- American community.  In addition that same judge ruled the republicans did it on purpose. So a liberal federal judge ruled that Wisconsin is required to allow unlimited early voting; this year the City of Milwaukee had six weeks of early voting. We up until now have had a Supreme Court that has upheld many laws we have passed on the state level. If the liberals ever gain control of the Supreme Court the concept of stateís rights as we know it will be eliminated.  

The opportunities are endless.

Having served in the state legislature for the past few years I can tell you that the federal government has usurped a lot of power from the states. One of these areas is welfare and welfare reform. There is no doubt in my mind that our present system punishes work and rewards inactivity.  Welfare needs to be a temporary assistance program that provides basic needs for a short period of time. Every measure possible should be taken to eliminate fraud as well.

Another state issue that needs to be addressed is the UW System.  I do realize that universities across the country have been led by liberals for decades. Traditionally, going back many years, colleges were places to share ideas and learn alternative philosophies, all in the spirit of higher education.  That spirit, Iím afraid, no longer exists. Students on the right of the political spectrum are shouted down, intimidated through threats of violence, social isolation and repercussions from professors and other school officials.  The PC environment has run amuck and it is time we reigned it in.  Certainly both sides must be willing to share ideas in a thoughtful and respectful way. Right now the liberal left demands complete control over all information on campus. 

The upcoming budget is exciting.

Last session we repealed the prevailing wage law, reduced bonding by hundreds of millions of dollars and set a foundation to put Wisconsin in a strong financial position going forward. Not only do we now have a fully funded retirement system and a healthy rainy day fund, we were able to add $200 million to K12 education.  We now have an opportunity to provide for our infrastructure, reduce taxes and take another giant step towards zero bonding.  While states across the country are headed toward financial crisis, Wisconsin is in a unique position. 


2017 -18 Legislative session.

There are many things that will require our attention moving forward. The state of Wisconsin has its share of problems and opportunities for improvement.  Legislation that I will consider drafting are;

         Adding an additional step for medical providers to help identify victims of human trafficking.

         Expand the use of dogs to detect heroin and other drugs in our schools.

         Eliminate sanctuary cities in Wisconsin.

         Limit school referendums that raise taxes forever.

         Lower the corporate tax rate to attract new businesses to the state as well as to provide incentive for existing companies to stay and expand.

I am extremely excited and looking forward to the upcoming session.


God Bless Wisconsin!


             Introducing our Intern: Jared Heckman      


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