January 15, 2016

Volume 2 Issue 2

State Representative Janel Brandtjen Outlines

More of the TO-DO List:

Honorable Mentions:

Last week I sent out an update of the three top priorities for the remaining 2015-2016 legislative session. In order they were (1). A package of pro-Life Bills. (2). A bill to stop Milwaukee from issuing ID Cards that might be used for voting purposes. (3). A road funding bill that would save the state millions of dollars. There are many bills that warrant passage. Here is a short list of "Honorable Mentions".


  • Allowing Conceal Carry on School Grounds (and allowing school boards to determine school policies regarding Conceal Carry). LRB -1820 would allow for Conceal Carry permit holders to pick up their children from school without breaking the law. School Boards would be allowed to set their own policies within the school buildings themselves.


  • Limiting School Referendums to April or November Votes. SB 355 by Senator Duey Stroebel also limits the number of times that a school district can put forth a referendum.  After a referendum fails the district must wait two years before they can bring it up before the voters again.


  • Conceal Carry on Wisconsin's Campuses. AB 480 would allow Conceal Carry permit holders to carry on a Wisconsin State University. I believe that people are safer when law abiding citizens carry firearms. No gun zones create a dangerous situation that gives the advantage to the criminal.    Law abiding citizens will not carry guns illegally but criminals will always have guns because they are criminals.  I believe that we are safer at Wal-Mart when law abiding citizens have guns, safer at McDonalds and yes, safer at school. 



God Bless Wisconsin!


             R-E-L-A-X  We Got This! 


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