February 26, 2016

Volume 2 Issue 6

State Representative Janel Brandtjen

Tougher Sentences for Gang-Related Crimes:

As Vice-Chair of the Corrections Committee I'm proud to have coauthored AB 403. The bill will lengthen prison sentences for those who engage in gang-related crimes. The measure is a significant step in addressing the growing gang/crime problem in the State of Wisconsin.   

AB 534 - Sound Budgeting Practices:

Under current practices, the various departments that make up the state of Wisconsin's government (DNR, DOT and DCF to name a few) submit their budget requests to the governor's office. AB 534 instructs the various departments to submit two alternative budgets. One that maintains the current level of spending and a second that reduces the budget by 5%. The concept will allow the departments to identify saving opportunities and facilitate a culture that recognizes budgetary restraint.

   Public Service Reform:

AB 373 reforms the way the State of Wisconsin hires, fire, promotes and lays off employees. The hiring process will now be interviews and resumes, in lieu of a simple score on a civil service test. Promotions and merit pay raises will be based upon performance reviews. The process to discipline and eventually fired an employee over conduct issues has been streamlined. Employees retain their civil rights and due process on par with workers in the private sector.

 More To Come...

Although the 2015 Wisconsin State Legislative Session is winding down, we are still anticipating another floor session sometime in March. The Wisconsin State Senate is preparing to meet again and pass another round of bills (which are of course, yet to be determined) and the Assembly will also meet to clean up any loose ends and to vote on any legislation that comes down from the upper chamber. Hopefully we can get another group of conservative bills to the governor's desk. 

God Bless Wisconsin!


             Wisconsin State Capitol       


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