December 11, 2015

Volume 1 Issue 25

State Representative Janel Brandtjen:

Cure Childhood Cancer:

Shortly after Matt and Tricia Verhaalen lost their daughter Alison to cancer they contacted me about creating a special license plate to help raise support for the fight to cure childhood cancer. The license plate which will read "Help Cure Childhood Cancer" will also help to raise money for the MACC fund. MACC (Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer) was founded by Milwaukee Bucks star Jon McGlocklin who was on hand to help roll out the license plate.  I would like to extend a special thank you to the Verhaalen's for having the courage to stand up and to Senator Duey Stroebel for taking the senate lead on the bill. The bill is expected to have a hearing in February. See the story.


Human Trafficking Bill AB 489 Gets Hearing:

The Guardian ran a story recently reporting that Milwaukee has become known as the "Harvard of human trafficking" in the United States. In all of Wisconsin, human trafficking has been on the rise and and traffickers know how to work the system. Pimps use the unfettered access to "healthcare clinics" as a way to provide birth control, abortions and STD treatment for their "workers".  The fact that Wisconsin's health care providers are exempt from our mandated reporting laws allows pimps to keep these workers on the street. Pimps keep these victims (generally young girls) secluded from the rest of society, hence health care workers may be their only chance of rescue. I have authored a bill (AB 489) that would require health care providers to report to law enforcement when a child is being abused. State Representative Tom Larson who chairs the Family Law Committee held a hearing on the bill Tuesday December 8th. I believe that with a few minor changes to the bill the committee will pass the legislation.  See the bill here.  


Repeal Minimum Mark-up: 

One of the many things left on our list of things "To do" is repeal the state's minimum mark-up law. The law prevents retailers and gas stations (along with liquor and tobacco stores) from offering the lowest prices possible. The law passed in 1939 and repealing it has been a topic of conversation for several sessions. Wisconsin is one of 16 states that have this type of law. Once again our friends over at MacIver Institute have summed up the issue nicely. See the story here.

God Bless Wisconsin!


                Merry Christmas! 


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