December 18, 2015

Volume 1 Issue 26

State Representative Janel Brandtjen:

Open Records Laws Should Not Be Changed:

I have been fairly clear on my position regarding changes to the open records law.  I oppose any changes that would make receiving information more difficult.  What our elected officials are doing and how they are doing it should be something we all should concern ourselves with.  We should not make these records harder to obtain. Having that said, the selective outrage of changing the open records laws while Hillary Clinton and Lois Lerner blatantly violated the law is interesting.  Once again the media provides cover for the left. I will remain consistent....  Open Government is Best For All!


Milwaukee County ID Cards:

Milwaukee County is planning on issuing identification cards to residents of Milwaukee County and it seems that anyone will be able to get them including people who are in the country illegally. A county board resolution to label the cards as not valid for voting purposes has failed. It is these types of efforts to undermine the integrity of our elections and create incentives for those who violate our laws that cause division and mistrust between groups. Insisting that everyone follow our laws is not unreasonable.  I have begun the process of drafting a bill that would require municipalities that issue identification cards to mark them as "not valid for voting purposes" in a clear and readable fashion.      


Capitol Christmas Tree: 

One of the many wonderful changes Governor Walker made when he took office was to bring back the Christmas Tree to Wisconsin's Capitol.  The Tree never went away but Scott Walker's predecessor Governor Doyle changed the name to "The Holiday Tree" so as to not offend non-Christians.  The custom of decorating a tree for Christmas is clearly a Christian tradition. There is enough room for everyone here at the Capitol, during Hanukkah there was a large Menorah on the first floor in the rotunda area. Wisconsin Family Action has provided a Nativity scene also located on the first floor.  Regardless of who you are or where you come from may your days be filled with happiness and joy. 

God Bless Wisconsin!


                Merry Christmas! 


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