October 30, 2015

Volume 1 Issue 20

State Representative Janel Brandtjen:

Congratulations to House Speaker Paul Ryan:

The contribution Congressman Paul Ryan is making to the United Stated of America cannot be overstated. Known as a principled man of the highest integrity, he has been singled out by his peers as the only man in Congress with the ability to lead the caucus into one of the most important periods in our history. Indeed the next few years might literally determine whether America can survive as the single bastion of freedom in a very troubled world.  Speaker Ryan will need all of our prayers as well as our support as he maneuvers through the political minefields that await him.  He can rest assured that he will have mine.

Wisconsin has been blessed with great conservative leadership in the past decade. Governor Scott Walker has proven to be a national leader with his ACT 10 reforms. His ability to cut spending, maintain services and limit bonding by budgeting with conservative principles is astounding.   Wisconsin's own Reince Priebus has brought his exemplary organizational skills to the Republican National Committee.  


School Finance:

Providing an education for close to a million children, each with their own set of needs and circumstances is not an easy task. A special thank you is in order for all of those who concern themselves with such an endeavor.

Unfortunately, K-12 education is not the only thing that we as legislators have to find funding for.  We have a commitment to Wisconsinís seniors, families with disabled children and veterans to provide them with needed services as well.  Combine those needs with maintaining our roads and bridges and the already strained pool of tax dollars becomes extremely limited. 

This past budget the legislature not only restored the $150 per student increase at a cost of 127 million but also increased the $150 per child increase to $250 (in year 2 of the budget) which is an additional $73 million. All in all Wisconsinís schools receive $6.4 billion in funding. 

Clearly, we are doing the best we can with what we have.  As we all are.  

Governor Walkers signs John Doe Reform:

Governor Walker signs SB 43 into law. Wisconsin is the only state that allowed such an unconstitutional process. See my press release here.


       Paul Ryan - 54th Speaker of House:


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