October 16, 2015

Volume 1 Issue 18

State Representative Janel Brandtjen:

John Doe Reform:

Everyone who follows the news in Wisconsin has heard of the John Doe investigation which was orchestrated by the now infamous John Chisholm, Milwaukee’s District Attorney. A John Doe investigation is a tool that gives prosecutors a great deal of latitude to investigate alleged crimes.

The John Doe investigation that was conducted by Chisholm in concert with the Government Accountability Board (GAB) was focused on Governor Walker and various conservative action groups.  Homes were raided, property was confiscated and gag orders were issued. Witnesses were interrogated and intimidated; lives were destroyed. The problem is that no crimes had been committed. The only meaningful evidence to come out of the process was that Chisholm's wife doesn’t care for the Governor.  It’s my opinion that GAB Director Kevin Kennedy and DA John Chisholm belong in jail.  They systemically infringed on the 1st amendment rights of private citizens who were simply exercising their constitutional rights to engage in the political process. 

The proposal to rein in the John Doe process is being offered by State Rep. David Craig.  The measure will prevent future abuses of the tool while maintaining the ability of investigators to prosecute gang-related drug cartels and related activity.               



Civil Service Reform:

How many of you would like to apply for a job with a series of open-ended questions and a self-assessment exam?  How would an employer quantify those candidates without a resume process? That is the current civil service system, a process over 100 years old.

AB 373 will modernize the state's hiring process, by using resumes versus the outdated self-assessment exam.

The proposed system also would standardize the term "just cause" for those inferior or unsuitable performance behaviors. If someone in the private sector committed a serious offense' he or she would get fired.  Physical violence, harassment, being intoxicated or possession of a controlled substance while at work would land most of us in the unemployment line.  Under the proposed reforms, theft of property, conviction of a crime, falsifying business records or not showing up for three working days in a calendar year are all reasons to be let go. 

Taxpayers expect state agencies to take appropriate disciplinary action for misconduct. These reforms will align the state with common sense and eliminate the state's gray area surrounding the state's ability to terminate based on unacceptable behaviors. 

Hiring process reforms would also provide a preference to veterans, so all things being equal veterans would be hired first, including the addition of certain qualifying spouses of veterans. This would replace the current system of just applying preference points. 

It’s just the beginning of the process but it appears that the measure has some very good reforms.


Budget Surplus: The Winner is… Wisconsin!

Governor Walker and the leaders of our conservative team deserve a shout out for ending the fiscal year with a $135.6 million budget surplus!

Ending Gun Free Zones:

Nothing says "sitting duck" like a gun free zone.  There is a proposal here in the legislature to allow those with a conceal carry permit to carry on Wisconsin's college campuses. The measure is getting a great deal of push back from college leaders who don't understand the concept of "law abiding citizens" having guns. I have signed on as a co-sponsor.


God Bless Wisconsin! 




       Protect your 2nd Amendment Rights!

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