July 24, 2015

Volume 1 Issue 10

Prevailing wage isn’t the only reason to like this Republican budget;

Bonding levels are extremely encouraging.

We can’t seem to say enough about prevailing wage and the effects that repealing the provision will have on our schools, towns, and villages as well as on the county level.  Starting in 2017 local governments will not be subject to the existing wages laws.  The projected savings for projects is about 15%.  Lost in all this excitement is the fact that bonding in the 2015-17 budget is as low as it has been in decades.  To put the numbers in perspective the bonding levels Governor Doyle’s 2007-09 budget was over $4.5 billion.  Governor Walker’s first budget was down to just under $1.9 billion and this past budget was $652 million. We are very close to eliminating our dependence on borrowing and we have done it without raising taxes.  Well done if I may say so myself!

      The Wisconsin Legislature to de-fund Planned Parenthood; The only parts of human life that Planned Parenthood values are the parts they can sell:

By now we all have heard about (if not seen) the horrific videos of Planned Parenthood health officials nonchalantly discusses selling body parts of aborted children.  Another video surfaced this week where Dr. Mary Gatter, former president of Planned Parenthood Medical Directors Council was caught on tape discussing, “less crunchy” techniques of abortion and going through agreed upon rates of live children’s bodies so she can determine if she will make enough to get a Lamborghini.

My Pro-Life colleague Rep. Andre Jacque (R- De Pere) has introduced 3 bills that will put an end to this barbaric practice.  LRB 1645/2 will prohibit the sale of aborted children’s body parts and will establish humane standards for disposition of children's remains.

LRB 2675/1 will reimburse Medicaid at actual cost in lieu of the inflated rate that Planned Parenthood (and other clinics) charges taxpayers. The measure would save the state an estimated $5 million.

LRB 2674/1 will restructure the method that the state employs to distribute Title X funds to healthcare provides.  The money would be distributed to women’s-wellness programs and public healthcare facilities on the state and counties levels. 

Rep. Jacque has been working on these issues for several years and has been a strong voice for our unborn children.  I will be supporting all of his efforts.

 God Bless Wisconsin! 

In Honor of Sgt. Carson Holmberg - United States Marine Corp

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