August 27, 2015

Volume 1 Issue 14

State Representative Janel Brandtjen:

Wisconsin Department of Revenue shares some good news:

Earlier this year, while the budget process was in full swing, the non-partisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau (LFB) issued a report on the projected revenue coming into the stateís general fund.  The LFB periodically adjusts it's projections and we here in the legislature were hoping for some good news. The stateís unemployment numbers were well below the national average, new businesses were on the rise and the real estate market was on the mend.  We were disappointed.  In early spring the LFB said it was reluctant to revise the numbers upward because even though Wisconsinís numbers were positive the national growth numbers were weak.  This week the Wisconsin Department of Revenue announced that 71.4 million additional dollars of revenue was collected.  It is clear that Wisconsin is headed in the right direction. 

Wisconsin is no place for sanctuary cities:

We are all perplexed and frustrated with the immigration policies of the United States. Right now we have an immigration policy that is counterproductive. The current policy punishes workers looking for work, families looking for a better life and people who are waiting in line for visas. The main problem is an unsecured border.  The only people happy right now with the present situation are drug dealers, gun runners and of course, those looking to take advantage of our generous welfare system.  The next president will need to do something or we will be in trouble.  We in Wisconsin have a role to play in the interim.  Cities, counties, towns and villages must not be allowed to provide sanctuary to those who are here illegally.  A group of my colleagues including myself have plans to introduce a bill to prevent political subdivisions from deviating from federal law immigration law.    

God Bless Wisconsin! 



Great to see everyone at the Richfield Days Parade!             

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