June 11, 2015

Volume 1 Issue 7

State Representative Janel Brandtjen

Assembly addresses crime, schools and gun rights:

The Wisconsin State Assembly convened on Tuesday for a floor session and we passed a few bills that should not go unnoted. We all have heard about liberal judges in Milwaukee handing down light sentences to dangerous criminals who commit crimes while using guns.  AB 220 passed the assembly with bi-partisan support. The measure requires mandatory minimum sentences for those who commit dangerous crimes while using a gun.  Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and Police Chief Ed Flynn both supported the measure. AB 49 removes the 48 hour waiting period to purchase a handgun.  Modern technology allows a gun shop to conduct a background check virtually within hours rendering the 48 hour wait needless.  Finally AB 46 allows off duty and retired police officers to carry their weapons on school grounds.  Good guys with guns is always a plus and this is a nice first step.

Budget Battles Ahead!

Although the media seems focused on the Bucks arena deal and conservatives are focused on repealing prevailing wage, the Joint Finance Committee (JFC) is focused on the transportation budget.  They need to find a way to fund $1.3 Billion in road projects to "fully fund" the Wisconsin DOT. The Governor has suggested bonding the money and is opposed to any kind of tax hike.  The Assembly leaders want to significantly reduce if not eliminate bonding for transportation projects and many legislators in Madison feel there is plenty of room for cuts within the DOT and proposed projects. The fact that we are talking about bonding and/or raising taxes to pay for road projects demands that we address the prevailing wage issue. I cannot see a path to support the budget without a full repeal of the prevailing wage law.

  God Bless Wisconsin! 

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