Family Law Approves Bill to Streamline Paternity

On Tuesday, the Assembly Committee on Family Law approved legislation that aims to streamline the process used to establish paternity.

Under current law, there are two ways to establish paternity. The first, calls for a court process where the potential father appears before a judge and has a genetic test taken. The second alternative, the potential father voluntarily acknowledges he is the father but still must appear before a judge to administer a ruling.

The new proposal would allow for paternity to be established based on genetic test results without appearing before the judge if the potential father agrees. This not only establishes paternity quickly but also eliminates sometimes lengthy and burdensome court processes.

The committee also held a hearing on two bills; Assembly Bill 209 would require divorcing parents to take parenting classes and Assembly Bill 439 would eliminate the six month waiting period to remarry after a divorce is finalized.

AB 209, would require both parents going through divorce to take a parenting class before the divorce is finalized. Most counties in Wisconsin require divorcing parents to complete a parenting class as a condition of the final judgement but the divorce may be granted prior to completing the class.

AB 439, would eliminate the six month waiting period before remarrying after a divorce. Wisconsin is one of only six states that has such a waiting period.

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