Rainy Day Fund Reaches Historic Total

New revenue collections were released by the non-partisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau this week indicating the state’s Rainy Day Fund will grow to its largest total increasing to $649.1 million. The total does not include any additional interest that will likely accrue in the coming years.

State law requires that any excess tax collections that are more than the amount estimated at the time the budget is signed into law must be deposited into the budget stabilization fund, otherwise referred to as the Rainy Day Fund. The actual collections will be higher than originally projected. The Rainy Day Fund exists to ensure that state services continue despite a recession or other financial crisis.

The Rainy Day Fund has grown to its largest total in the last biennium in-part due to reforms passed over the last nine years that have stabilized the state’s finances. Tax reductions and the elimination of red-tape that stifles economic development, have propelled growth that has led to the lowest unemployment rate in nearly 20 years and financial stability for our state moving forward.


Flying with the Civil Air Patrol

Last week, as a legislative member of the Wisconsin Wing of the Civil Air Patrol (CAP), I was given the opportunity to go on a flight to learn more about the CAP's role in emergency services and rescue assistance they provide across the state.

The Wisconsin Wing is the state’s highest rank of the Civil Air Patrol consisting of more than 1,000 cadet and adult members at multiple locations throughout the state.

In addition to providing assistance for search and rescue missions among other emergency services, the CAP also teaches cadets from the armory in Oak Creek how to fly planes.

I want to thank the Wisconsin Wing for giving me this opportunity and even allowing me to take control of the plane during my visit!

CAP flight.jpgCAP flight 082819.jpg

State Assembly to Honor First Responders

My office is still accepting nominations for the First Responder of the Year Award announced last week. Eligible nominees include police officers, sheriff’s deputies, firefighters, or any level of EMS. Volunteer public servants are also eligible for the award. 

Awards will be given to a first responder from each Assembly district in Wisconsin selected after the nomination period closes on September 6. Award winners will be honored during an Assembly floor session in October as part of First Responders Appreciation Month.

To nominate a first responder from our district, you can fill out the form online at: http://legis.wisconsin.gov/assembly/21/rodriguez/first-responder-of-the-year-award-nomination-form/.  

I want to thank all our public servants for the dedication and safety they provide to our community each and every day!


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