Health Committee Examines Bills on Dentistry and Contraceptives

On Wednesday, the Assembly Health Committee examined two bills, one that aims to expand the number of dentists in rural parts of the state and another that would allow pharmacists to prescribe certain contraceptives to women over the age of 18.

Assembly Bill 258 would provide funding for scholarships to students in the dentistry program at Marquette University who, upon graduation, practice dentistry in a federally designated area that is experiencing a shortage.

According to the authors of the bill, more than half of the counties in Wisconsin are designated Dental Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs) creating a significant need for quality dental care in rural areas.

Assembly Bill 304 gives pharmacists the authority to prescribe oral contraceptives to women over the age of 18. Currently, most contraceptives are only available with a prescription from a physician.

The authors argue this legislation would create better options for family planning.

South Milwaukee Night Out

This week, the South Milwaukee Police Department hosted the annual Community Night Out. It was great to get out and meet with friends, neighbors and police officers in our community.

The South Milwaukee Police Department, Fire Department, FBI, U.S. Coast Guard and the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Department were all on-hand to take part in the evening.

08142019 SM Night Out-3.jpg08142019 SM Night Out-4.jpg

Blue Books Arrive Soon

Next month, the newest edition of the Wisconsin Blue Book will be unveiled. First published in 1853, the Wisconsin Blue Book is a comprehensive publication with information about the State of Wisconsin.

The blue book provides information to the public about state officers, governmental information in addition to statistics and articles about our state’s history and current affairs for all who are interested in Wisconsin and its government.

The blue book is free to any Wisconsin resident who wishes to obtain one. Contact my office if you are interested and one will be provided to you when they are released in September!


Construction Update


The Wisconsin Department of Transportation announced several updates including ramp closures at Drexel and College Avenues. The ramp at Ryan Rd is now reopened. 


For more information or to view the map visit: https://projects.511wi.gov/i94northsouth/i-94-east-sb-ramp-access-changes-aug-15/

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