My Response to Gov. Evers’ Extension of Safer at Home Order

CapitolEvers2.pngOver the past month, the legislature has given Governor Tony Evers much latitude regarding the use of his emergency powers to restrict social gatherings.  Because those infected by the novel coronavirus can be asymptomatic carriers, viral community spread has been a real concern to local healthcare systems.  Yet, through social distancing measures, Wisconsin has flattened the curve and hospitals are doing better.  So, it is disappointing that Governor Evers would renew a lengthy stay-at-home order without rolling out a well thought out plan that safely activates low-risk segments of our economy.

In the last 24 hours, I have been getting an increasing amount of calls and emails from constituents frustrated with the extension of the Safer at Home order because they believe it goes too far.  I have read them and continue to read them as they come.  Constituents are asking to see a comprehensive plan with real targets and specific goals.  They are asking us to strike the right balance between their health and making sure they can support their families. 

Our local businesses are pleading to have a clear plan for them to start opening their businesses, many thinking that would happen on the 24th of April.  They are getting restless with the governor’s directive that doesn’t offer them hope, a timeline, or plan for them to start to work. We have also heard that people are concerned with their health because many elective and preventative health visits are being canceled in order to ensure that hospitals have the resources to care for COVID-19 patients.  These are new risks that have unfolded during the health emergency and we need our medical community to address this. 

My colleagues and I will continue to listen to our constituents and explore legal and legislative options.  We will work with the healthcare community and local business owners to come up with a plan to slowly and intelligently reopen parts of the economy while also keeping the curve flat.

The Governor Needs to Hear from YOU

I know some of you asked me to pass along your comments to the governor because you cannot get through.  You need to continue to reach out to Governor Evers and let him know how the order is affecting you.  You are also his constituents, and at this point I think it would mean more coming from you.  Here’s how:

Phone: (608) 266-1212

Email: EversInfo@wisconsin.gov

Online: https://appengine.egov.com/apps/wi/governor/voice-an-opinion

If the voicemail box is full, you can keep trying him or send him an email.  He needs to hear from YOU!  Thank you to all of you who have contacted my office already.  We hear you and understand your frustration.  As always please do not hesitate to contact my office if there’s a way my staff and I can assist.

Wisconsin Hospital Association Dashboard

WHA Dashboard.png

Earlier this month, in collaboration with the Department of Health Services (DHS) the Wisconsin Hospital Association (WHA) released a dashboard depicting the state of COVID-19 in Wisconsin statewide and regionally. Visit the WHA website for more information.

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