Property Taxes to Increase Under Governor's Budget Proposal

Gov. Evers is proposing an increase in property taxes in his two year spending plan, in addition to more than $1 billion in other taxes. The proposal calls for a possible increase of $151 dollars over the next two years on a median valued home, the largest increase in more than a decade. The median valued home in Wisconsin is approximately $167,000. The property tax increases come on top of expected property tax increases in Oak Creek and South Milwaukee due to recently approved school referendums.

The governor has argued the property tax increases are necessary to increase spending on a variety of state funded programs. 

Fiscal Bureau Releases Analysis of Governor’s Budget

This week, the non-partisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau released their analysis of Gov. Ever’s budget recommendations.

The summary is hundreds of pages long, broken down by issue area and provides a detailed analysis of the fiscal impact of the governor’s budget. I began my analysis and I’m looking forward to discussing the budget with you in greater detail in April. If you’re interested in reading the analysis you can access the summary here.

In the coming weeks, the Joint Committee on Finance will begin traveling to different parts of the state to gather public input before returning to the Capitol to finish the two year spending plan. The public hearing times and locations will be announced soon.

LFB Analysis Photo.jpeg

Celebrating Women’s History Month

This week, we are continuing to recognize women’s firsts as we celebrate Women’s History Month. Check out the graphic’s below to learn more about some terrific women!



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