Letting Parents Decide

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This week, I was given the opportunity to deliver the GOP weekly radio address on behalf of my Republican colleagues in the Legislature. Click the photo above to watch the video! The text is included below.

Ensuring access to a good education for all Wisconsin children is critical to the future of our state. Education doesn’t just prepare our children for college and future careers, it’s also a gateway to escaping poverty and the problems that come with it. Wisconsin is known for its terrific public-school system. It’s truly something we should all be proud of. But not all schools are created equal. For some children, access to a quality education simply isn’t available in certain parts of the state.

Last month, when Governor Evers unveiled his budget request, I was disappointed to learn that his proposal would start to dismantle school choice programs across the state. Those who would be affected the most would be low-income families and the nearly 40,000 children who already participate in the school choice program.

Since their inception, school choice programs have given parents more options and have provided quality education to taxpayers at a lower cost.

As a matter of fact, schools participating in the program report higher graduation rates, greater educational achievement, and higher ACT scores for the third consecutive year. Parents also report greater overall satisfaction with the schools – often citing school safety as a top priority.

When the first school choice program in Wisconsin was established in 1990, it was a bipartisan solution for minority children stuck in failing schools. Public schools and the school choice program can coexist in harmony because ultimately, parents have a say in how their children are educated.

Whether its public schools, private or the school choice program, the governor should let parents be in the driver’s seat when choosing how to best educate their children.

Women’s History Month

In celebration of Women’s History Month, this week and next, we will be honoring some great women’s firsts over the course of history. Some of these terrific women are even from Wisconsin!

For starters, Wisconsin was the first state to ratify the 19th Amendment that afforded women the right to vote!

Check out the graphics below for more great women firsts!



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