Operation We Love Our Troops

Do you know a deployed member of our United States military from the 21st Assembly District? Let my office know! Over the next month I will be putting together care packages for our Wisconsin deployed service members, and I would love to be able to show my appreciation to service members from right here in our community.

Last Call: Nominate a friend for the Caring for Kids Award!

Do you know someone in the child welfare profession who goes above and beyond? Nominate them online for the Department of Children and Families (DCF) 12th annual Caring for Kids Award by before Sunday, February 16th!

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Protecting Wisconsin Consumers

We were on the floor on Tuesday to consider multiple bills aimed at reducing crime in our state. Two of the bills that I would like to highlight would positively affect our lives should they be signed into law.

One common frustration almost everyone experiences is receiving unsolicited and potentially harmful calls. This is why our Assembly approved AB 147, which prohibits anyone from knowingly transmitting misleading or inaccurate caller ID information. The legislation also prevents solicitors from blocking their caller ID information. This bill will align our state statutes with federal law and help make sure the information that appears on our caller IDs from callers is truthful and accurate.

More Americans are shopping online than ever before. Unfortunately, with the convenience of online shopping there have been an increase in reported cases across our state of mail and package theft. So-called “porch pirates” have been on the rise, often stealing several packages from multiple residences before the occupants have the opportunity to collect their mail or packages.  In response to this trend, one of my colleagues authored AB 734, which increases penalties for stealing mail or packages and makes it easier to charge individuals with these crimes.

Both of these bills received broad bipartisan support.

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On Tuesday Guisela, Martin and their daughter traveled to the Capitol from South Milwaukee to meet with me on behalf of the Alzheimer’s Association. It is estimated that 5.8 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s, with nearly two-thirds of those people being women. Unfortunately, there is no known cure yet and the number of Americans living with Alzheimer’s is only expected to grow. Thank you for taking the time to visit me and share ways we can support those suffering with Alzheimer’s disease and their families.


02122020 Pharmacy Society.png

Wednesday was the Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin’s Legislative Day. Two of the individuals who visited me, Ethan and Mak, are from Oak Creek! They advocated for several bills, including AB 114 which would regulate Pharmacy Benefits Managers. The bill passed the Assembly Committee on Health unanimously and I look forward to supporting it again on the Assembly Floor on Tuesday!

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