Manufacturing Month in the 21st Assembly District

Last week, to continue celebrating Manufacturing Month and highlight our district’s rich history in manufacturing, I toured three local manufacturers in Oak Creek.

Zenar Corporation is a world class manufacturer of custom overhead cranes fulfilling a diverse spectrum of needs including bridge and monorail construction.

Zenar is privately held and was founded three generations ago. The company employs more than 200 craftsman at its location in Oak Creek. The company works with the local high schools to give students hands on training and even employs students while they’re still in school.

10-25-19 Zenar Tour.jpg (1)

My tours also included a stop at Miltec, founded in 1981, creating an array of products that include adhesives, coating and sealants just to name a few. The company employs chemists that create customized products, many of which originate in liquid form. For example, Miltec creates the rubber coating that is often found on handheld weights.

Although a smaller operation, Miltec sells their products in the US, Canada, Mexico and abroad covering industries including, automotive, aircraft and electrical.

10-25-19 Miltec Tour paint.jpg

My final tour was at Columbia Grinding, a manufacturer founded in 1953 by Joe Shavor out of South Milwaukee and moving to Oak Creek in 1986. Columbia has a reputation for being “Flat Work Specialists.”

Columbia receives metal items from customers and use machines to grind down hard edges on metal-type materials. For example, when washers (often placed between a bolt and nut) are done being molded, there are many hard edges that must be sanded or ground off before the washer has the smooth finish that you find at your local hardware store. Columbia receives the unfinished washers and grinds them down to provide that smooth finish.

10-25-19 Columbia Grinding Tour paint.jpg

It’s clear manufacturing has been and continues to be important to the local economy in southeastern Wisconsin. I’m appreciative for the opportunity to learn more about these great local manufacturers and I look forward to their continued success in our district!

South Milwaukee Trick-or-Treating

Due to cold winter-like conditions yesterday, South Milwaukee rescheduled its city-wide trick-or-treating to Saturday, November 2 from 1 – 3 pm. More information is available at: https://southmilwaukeeblog.com/2019/10/31/heads-up-trick-or-treating-rescheduled-to-saturday/

November In-District Office Hours

This month, I'll be holding in-district office hours. More details are included below!

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