Respiratory Care Reforms Become Law
030320 SB 500 #2.png

Earlier this week the Governor signed 60 bills, one of which was my bill, AB 558/SB 500. I authored this legislation with my colleague, Senator Testin, in the fall. The legislation, now 2019 Wisconsin Act 156, makes simple but necessary changes to bring our laws surrounding the licensure of Respiratory Care Practitioners (RCPs) up-to-date with current industry standards. Our laws regarding licensing this profession have not been revisited in years, some not since 1991. These reforms will bring our laws in line with current industry practices and ensure people with respiratory conditions can continue to access the care they need!

Don’t forget to “Spring Forward” on Sunday!

Remember that Daylight Savings Time starts on Sunday, turning 1:59:59am into 3am. Although we’re losing one hour on Sunday, the good news is it will stay light later into the evening moving forward. As spring approaches, I’m looking forward to having more time to spend outside!


March Town Halls

March 2020 Office Hours.pngI will be holding end-of-session town hall meetings in both South Milwaukee and Oak Creek on Monday, March 16. A lunch hour town hall will take place at the South Milwaukee Public Library from 11am-12pm, and an after-work meeting will be held at the Oak Creek Public Library from 5:30pm-6:30pm. I hope to see you there.

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