The State of our State is Strong
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There’s no denying it, the State of our State is strong! Our unemployment rate remains at a historic low - three percent, wages continue to rise, we have yet another surplus of nearly $600 million and our rainy day fund is still the largest in state history. Our economy is strong and Republican reforms have made that possible.

Last session, Assembly Republicans approved record investments in K-12 education, enhanced workforce training programs to help address workforce needs, and continued our track record of cutting taxes by eliminating the state portion of the property tax.

During Gov. Evers’ State of the State Address on Tuesday, he expressed a tone of bipartisanship. In that spirit Assembly Republicans submitted a letter to the governor shortly after inauguration with a list of issues we believe can be addressed in a bipartisan manner including: making sure our children receive a great education, improving access to healthcare, addressing our state’s transportation needs and providing a tax cut for the middle class.

My colleagues and I agree, the middle class deserves a tax cut. That’s why we introduced legislation that will use the GOP surplus to pay for the middle class tax cut the governor proposed. This proposal will allow Gov. Evers’ to deliver on the promise he made to middle class families without raising taxes on farmer’s and manufacturer’s outlined in his original plan.

I’m hopeful the governor will follow through with his message of bipartisanship. The voters chose divided government but not inaction. It is time for us to come together to address our challenges and continue moving Wisconsin in a positive direction.

Assembly Approves Pre-existing Condition Guaranteed Coverage Act

Assembly Republicans promised last fall the first bill to pass in the new legislative session would protect individuals with pre-existing conditions. The promise was fulfilled on Tuesday after the Assembly passed Assembly Bill 1, The Pre-existing Condition Guaranteed Coverage Act with strong bipartisan support.

Assembly Bill 1 prohibits insurers from barring coverage to an individual with a pre-existing health condition and eliminates annual and lifetime caps on coverage. The second piece eliminating annual and lifetime caps was added at the request of Gov. Evers.

I’m proud we were able to work together in a bipartisan manner to make sure all individuals with a pre-existing condition will be protected.  

Don't Forget!

Saturday is the Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser for the South Milwaukee Heritage Days Parade. Serving begins at 2 pm at Jack of All Trade located at 2616 5th Ave in South Milwaukee. The cost is $7 all you can eat. Don’t miss it!