March 9, 2018

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The Week in Review

Advancing Options for Affordable Healthcare

In February, the Assembly approved several legislative proposals that improve access to health care in Wisconsin.

In addition to approving a proposal that allows people with pre-existing health conditions to obtain health insurance through a high-risk pool – similar to an HMO plan, the Assembly passed legislation that will stabilize the individual health insurance marketplace. It is expected to significantly reduce the likelihood of rate increases in coming years.

While most people receive health insurance through their employer many utilize the Obamacare marketplace where premiums have increased at unsustainable rates. Making matters worse, many insurers have dropped out of the marketplace and those that remain have increased rates making it difficult for families to find affordable care. This year, it is estimated premiums for some plans will increase by double digits and certain parts of the state may experience rate increases of more than 100 percent. All of the uncertainty has created instability in the marketplace, with many families struggling to find affordable health care.

Senate Bill 770 will bring stability to the marketplace and drive down costs for families that purchase health insurance through the individual market. In fact, Horizon Government Affairs estimates rates in Wisconsin will drop by 13 percent and 12 percent in 2019 and 2020 respectively.

While the federal government remains gridlocked and unwilling to fix a flawed health care system, the Assembly worked together to develop a plan that will provide families with more quality options and affordable care.

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Business Roundtable

On Monday, Lieutenant Governor Kleefisch joined me and MATC executives for a roundtable discussion with local businesses in our area to discuss ways to improve economic development and connect people to family-supporting jobs in southeastern Wisconsin.

Next week, the Rodriguez Recap will feature our discussion and highlight some of the initiatives we’ve implemented to improve economic growth in the area.
Be sure to tune in next Friday!

Kwik Trip Grand Opening

Thursday morning, I had the honor of joining local Kwik Trip employees and executives for the grand opening of the newest Kwik Trip location in Oak Creek. Kwik Trip, known for its welcoming service, is family owned and operated with locations all across the state. Not long ago, the company was named the best large employer in southeastern Wisconsin by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

It’s great to see Wisconsin companies like Kwik Trip expanding in Oak Creek and improving our local economy!

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