February 23, 2018

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The Week in Review

Improving Resources for Alzheimer's and Veteran's Care

Hello, I’m state Representative Jessie Rodriguez.

This week the Assembly was on the floor three days in a row voting on a variety of bills aimed at improving access to healthcare in our state.

One bill provides grants to communities around the state to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s and dementia resources. By raising awareness, the goal is to catch these diseases sooner and to ensure family and friends are aware of the resources available to them while caring for a loved one with either Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Another bill expands the Veteran’s Outreach and Recovery Program, also known as VORP, which provides outreach as well as treatment and recovery support programs for veterans who are homeless and have a behavioral health disorder. This is a vital program for veterans with a proven track record that recently lost significant federal funding. To keep the program running in Wisconsin, the Assembly approved a bill that will provide state funding.

By addressing these issues we are improving access to care for those in our state who need it most.

Keep an eye out for the next Rodriguez Recap and have a nice weekend!

Funding for Wisconsin 2-1-1

Last week, included in the package of foster care bills approved by the Assembly, was a proposal that provides funding for Wisconsin 2-1-1, a public help line that directs callers to a variety of community services for those in need.

During the foster care public hearings held throughout the state we heard from a number of experts that explained the benefit of the help line and its vital importance for at-risk families struggling financially. The 2-1-1 help line was previously supported with federal funding, however it was recently eliminated. This proposal backfills lost funding to keep the line open.

The public help line provides a variety services and plays a crucial role in reducing foster care rates. Connecting families with community based services such as local food pantries, health care, homeless shelters and diaper services to name a few, significantly reduces the likelihood of neglect and child abuse, the most common reasons for removing a child from the home.


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