September 7, 2017

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The Week in Review

Joint Finance Completes the Budget

This week, the Joint finance Committee completed the final pieces of the biennial budget.

The new two year spending plan features more funding for workforce training, a historic investment in K12 education – $639 million, and more dollars for local roads. All of this was accomplished without raising taxes.

While education and transportation funding will steal the headlines, many other areas of the budget go unnoticed but are important nonetheless. For example, I authored a budget motion that will address concerns related to auditing by requiring the Department of Revenue to use statistical sampling for certain audits over a particular threshold in revenue. Statistical sampling is a process where a sample is randomly selected among all available sale records and probability theory is used to analyze the results.

Many small business throughout the state are subject to audits by the Department of Revenue, however, depending on the size of the business and their sales, audits can take months to complete. For small businesses with limited resources the process is costly and creates an unnecessary administrative burden. Going forward many small businesses will be able to prove they are complying with state tax law without having to take on the costs associated with massive audits that are simply unnecessary. This proposal demonstrates that we are committed to helping small businesses grow and support our local economy.

The budget will now go before the Assembly for a vote on Wednesday, September 13. Tune in for the floor debate on Wisconsin Eye.

Have a great weekend!

Breaking Ground on the Angelic Bakehouse

Last week, I had the honor of joining Gov. Walker and several of my colleagues for the groundbreaking ceremony at the Angelic Bakehouse in Cudahy.

The new $10 million expansion will span 43,000 square feet and make room for 50 more employees. It was an honor to be present to support another small business expanding in our region!

Angelic Bakehouse specializes in non-GMO baked goods free of artificial sweeteners, fats and preservatives. Their products can be found at Whole Foods, Woodman’s, Hy-Vee, Safeway, Costco and Metcalfe’s Market.



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