September 1, 2017

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The Week in Review

Honoring Senator Richard Grobschmidt

This week, I had the pleasure of testifying on my bill, Senate Bill 99 before the Assembly Transportation Committee. SB 99 authorizes the Department of Natural Resources to erect signage designating a bridge in honor of former Sen. Richard Grobschmidt. The newly named bridge stretches along the Hank Aaron State Trail connecting Lakeshore State Park to the mainland.

Rick was a lifelong public servant, teaching at South Milwaukee High School and later in his career representing our district in the Assembly and the Senate. His impressive career culminated in his role as Assistant Superintendent of Public Instruction. Sadly, Rick passed away last year after a hard fought battle with cancer.

Friends and family, including Rick’s wife Barb, made the trip to Madison from South Milwaukee, sharing heartwarming stories and speaking to his tremendous character. It was wonderful to listen to her testimony dedicated to Rick.

Never one to brag, Rick was revered by his colleagues and constituents for his work ethic, working tirelessly but never seeking headlines. His memory lives on and will be properly honored with the naming of the Richard A. Grobschmidt memorial bridge; I can’t think of a better honor for a great man.

Have a great weekend!

Joint Finance Approves Historic Investment in Education

The Joint Finance Committee resumed work on the budget this week approving several motions including $639 million in new funding for K12 schools throughout the state. It is the largest investment in K12 education in Wisconsin’s history.

The committee also approved measures to retain and reward teachers by streamlining the licensing process so that high quality educators will be more likely to teach here in Wisconsin upon graduation.

The committee is scheduled to meet next week with plans to finalize the budget.


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