August 18, 2017

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The Week in Review

Foxconn Moves Forward

This week the Assembly hit the floor to take up legislation that will allow Foxconn Technology Group to move forward with plans to invest more than $10 billion in a plant to be located in southeastern Wisconsin. The final proposal received bipartisan support on the Assembly floor.

The brand new facility will be the only high-tech manufacturing location of its kind in North America creating a new sector for Wisconsin’s manufacturing economy. In addition, the company expects to create 13,000 jobs once the plant is fully operational with an average wage of $53,875. Furthermore, multiple reports suggest thousands more jobs will be created through construction of the facility and suppliers to the new plant.

Two weeks ago, the Assembly Committee on Jobs and the Economy held a public hearing on the proposed legislation and legitimate concerns were raised about the proposal. Committee members and my Assembly colleagues worked together in bipartisan fashion to address those concerns and adopted changes to the final bill.

The amended legislation addressed environmental concerns by verifying that Foxconn will be required to follow stringent air and water regulations to protect the environment. Furthermore, if any wetlands are impacted Foxconn will be required to create two acres of new wetlands for every one acre affected by construction; stricter than current state law. The final bill also includes funding for worker training to address workforce shortages. Lastly, Foxconn will not get any incentives until investments are made or jobs are created.

This week, we demonstrated that Assembly Republicans are committed to delivering careers for hardworking families and it was done by listening to you, the taxpayers and addressing your concerns through the amended legislation.

Have a great weekend!

Solar Eclipse Monday

On Monday afternoon, the country will experience a total solar eclipse, the first since 1979. The sun will be most covered around 1:15 pm. But remember, special glasses are required to avoid eye damage. Regular sunglasses are not sufficient. More information is available through NASA’s website.


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