June 16, 2017

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The Week in Review

Restricting Government Overreach

This week the Assembly hit the floor taking up a number of issues including efforts to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s disease in addition to proposals restricting government overreach.

Assembly Joint Resolution 54, officially designates June 2017 as Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness month in Wisconsin. Last session, the Speaker convened the Speaker’s Taskforce on Alzheimer’s and Dementia placing importance on addressing this devastating disease. Making June Alzheimer’s Awareness month further signifies the importance of working towards efforts that help those suffering from Alzheimer’s.

In 2013, the Assembly initiated the Red Tape Review, a legislative effort aimed at eliminating outdated and overly burdensome regulations that stifle economic growth in Wisconsin. Yesterday, the Assembly continued this effort passing several bills including the REINS Act and Assembly Bill 317; both bills attempt to restrict government overreach.

The REINS Act requires public input and legislative oversight on costly rules and regulations, preventing unelected bureaucrats from placing an unnecessary burden on taxpayers. Furthermore, Assembly Bill 317, part of the Red Tape Review process, creates an expedited procedure to repeal rules that are obsolete, costly, duplicative and in some instances, unnecessary.

These are just a few of our efforts to limit rules and regulations that grow the size of government.

Next week, the Assembly will be back on the floor with another full schedule. Tune into Wisconsin Eye to watch the Assembly in action! 

Have a great weekend!

Thanks for Visiting

On Wednesday, my uncle, Pastor Anthony Tamel of Parkway Church in Oak Creek, visited the Assembly to deliver the prayer prior to the floor session. It was wonderful to have a constituent and esteemed member of our community bless us with his presence this week!



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