May 5, 2017

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The Week in Review

Ending Homelessness Through Work

This week we passed Assembly Bill 237, a bill I authored that is part of a broader package of bills focused on tackling homelessness in Wisconsin.

Homelessness is an issue that affects nearly 20,000 people each day in Wisconsin. In the past, the federal government has provided funding for programs that assist the homeless population. However, funding for those programs have been significantly reduced in recent years.

This week, my colleagues and I took the first step towards addressing this issue in Wisconsin with four bills, each one playing an important role in the effort to reduce homelessness.

Assembly Bill 237, will help connect homeless individuals with tools and resources needed to find stable employment in their community. Studies have shown steady employment is a crucial element to ending homelessness.

This approach will help people acquire work experience and job skills that will lead to permanent employment and reduce homelessness across Wisconsin. I look forward to our continued effort to help people throughout the state who want to work, contribute to their community and have a place to call home.

Have a great week!

Master Lock "Unlocking" Ceremony

This week, Master Lock officially unveiled their new headquarters after months of renovations at the former Caterpillar headquarters in Oak Creek.

The new headquarters will house approximately 400 Master Lock employees in various job functions including engineering, research and design, product development and innovation. The campus spans across 26 acres with two buildings fully equipped with cutting-edge technology.

Master Lock President Mike Bauer said the company has positions they are looking to fill in Oak Creek with room for growth at the new facility.

With a larger facility and even more room for growth, Master Lock is further solidifying their commitment to the community. We are fortunate to have a great steward like Master Lock in Oak Creek!



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