April 14, 2017

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The Week in Review

Taking the Lead on Homelessness

At a Capitol press conference this week, my GOP colleagues and I introduced a package of bills aimed at combating homelessness in Wisconsin.

In the past, the Federal government addressed the issue of homelessness by providing funding and services to those in need, but funding for the homeless has decreased significantly in recent years. So, Assembly Republicans are stepping up to provide innovative approaches to address the disparity.

The bill I introduced on Wednesday takes a unique approach to ending homelessness by providing individuals with tools needed to find stable employment and begin contributing to the community.

The bill creates a pilot program through the Department of Administration to provide funding for a community program connecting homeless adults with permanent employment. Additionally, participating municipalities would be required to add financial support to be eligible for the program.

This is an exciting opportunity for the state to partner with local municipalities to provide people with work experience and job skills that lead to permanent employment and reduce homelessness. I’m confident in the program’s potential here in Wisconsin.

Welcoming Home Our Returning Soldiers

Thursday morning, soldiers in the Wisconsin National Guard returned home to Milwaukee after spending the past eleven months in Guantanamo Bay protecting our country.

It was truly an honor to be part of this special ceremony, greeting each soldier as they returned home for the first time this year. It was a heartwarming scene as friends and family embraced their loved ones after being away for so long.

Being a member of Wisconsin’s National Guard is a service to both their state and their country. While each solider has a typical day job, they often pack up and ship out whenever and wherever needed.

It was an honor to meet these brave men and women; and I am grateful for their dedication and service to our country.

Old Glory Proudly Made in Oak Creek

Keeping with our patriotic theme in the district, I had the opportunity to tour Eder Flag located in Oak Creek. Founded over 100 years ago, Eder Flag is the largest manufacturer of flagpoles in the country. When the company was first founded, they focused primarily on flagpoles. They've since expanded to making state flags for each of the fifty states.

A World War II veteran, Eugene Eder believed that the American flag ought to be made here in the United States. That same belief is still firmly instilled in the company to this day. It's hard not to feel patriotic while walking through the facility, witnessing the pride and care that goes into each hand-sewn flag. If you see a flagpole in the district, there's a good chance it was manufactured by Eder Flag right here in Oak Creek.

It was great to witness first-hand Old Glory being produced right here in Oak Creek. I want to thank Tony and Jodi at Eder Flag for providing this unique opportunity!

Budget Listening Sessions

On Thursday, I wrapped up the evening in South Milwaukee with a budget listening session to hear the thoughts and concerns of residents throughout the district concerning important legislative issues.

Similar to listening sessions held throughout the state last week, education and transportation were two of the most talked about budgetary issues. I believe that an open format discussion is an integral part of the legislative process, because it's one of the most effective ways to get feedback from residents in the district. I want to thank each of you who took time to visit with me on Thursday evening, and I'll share your thoughts to the members of the Joint Finance Committee. I want to especially thank Mayor Brooks and City Clerks Jim Shelenske and Catherine Roeske for their help with set-up.

As we continue moving forward with the budget process, I encourage you to contact my office to share any thoughts or concerns you may have. You can contact my office by phone at (608) 266-0610, or by email at rep.rodriguez@legis.wi.gov.

Have a great week!



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