March 24, 2017

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The Week in Review

Commitment to the Community

This week, I continued an initiative I began at the start of session; to tour local companies that have a direct impact on our economy.

Monday morning, I toured Nucor Cold Finish located in Oak Creek. The company is the largest steel producer in the United States providing material to companies across the country, from the agriculture industry to firearm manufacturers and a variety in between.

Nucor has been located in Oak Creek for several years providing more than 70 jobs to local employees. Plant manager, Edwin Garcia, explained the company puts potential employees through a rigorous interview process to ensure they hire the best possible candidates. Nucor believes it’s important to hire hard workers dedicated to their job and their community; in exchange the company pays workers an average of $30 per hour.

I had an opportunity to meet with the employees during my visit to discuss the important steps Wisconsin is taking to continue bolstering our manufacturing industry. There are various programs like Fast Forward, and encouraging youth to get involved through the use of Fab Labs, like the one at South Milwaukee High School.

Nucor is a great steward for our area providing high-quality employment, excellent wages and commitment to the community. I’m excited to see what’s in store for the future of Nucor as they continue to invest in Oak Creek.

After wrapping up at Nucor I was given the opportunity to visit General Mitchell International Airport for a tour led by the new Airport Director, Izzy Bonilla.

Izzy is new to Milwaukee, previously serving as director to airports in Florida and Puerto Rico. He explained his vision for the airport to increase efficiency, grow revenue and bring in more international airlines to benefit passengers. The airport recently expanded international flight options to Guadalajara, Mexico.

The airport was first established in 1920 by a local business owner and was later purchased by Milwaukee County. The airport has since developed into a primary hub for Wisconsin and residents in the northern Chicago area.

The airport generates millions of dollars in revenue each year and provides hundreds of jobs to local residents. Additionally, a portion of the airport property is located in Oak Creek.

During the tour I met with air traffic controllers and others with complex roles that ensure airport operations are efficient and safe, including Tom, a resident from the 21st Assembly District.

Tom is an engineer and master electrician. He has an important role ensuring the functionality of a variety of equipment and safety features located at the airport. One of his roles is to make sure every single light along the runway is working properly so that planes are able to safely land upon arrival. It was a pleasure meeting with Tom during my visit!

Near the end of the tour, we stopped by the airport fire department to learn about aircraft rescue and firefighting, a highly specialized form of firefighting that requires distinct training and unique methods to battle fires.

The vehicle pictured has a unique ability to reach high speeds far quicker than a traditional fire truck. Attached to the top of the vehicle sits an extendable prong that can pierce an aircraft to battle airplane fires.

The airport fire crew responds to more than 1,000 emergency calls every year. Firefighting is a dangerous job, but I am grateful for the brave women and men who ensure the safety of airport patrons and employees on a daily basis.

Throughout my tours this week I was able to see firsthand the benefit these employers provide to our district. I am truly thankful for the opportunity to see the benefit these companies provide and to meet the hardworking women and men that make the 21st District a great place to live!

Have a great week!

Budget Listening Session

On Thursday, April 13, from 6-7:30 pm I will be holding an in-district budget listening session at the South Milwaukee City Hall to hear feedback about the governor’s budget recommendations.

The listening session will provide an opportunity for residents from the 21st Assembly District to discuss the budget and any other concerns related to state government.

I hope to see you there!


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