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This is the time of year for reflecting on what we have to be thankful for as well as to be with our family and friends. I hope you are all enjoying the start of the holiday season!... for more click here.


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Firearm Violence is a National Crisis 

I am very concerned about firearm violence in Wisconsin. For almost forty years, the 48-hour waiting period helped to keep residents in Milwaukee County, and the entire state of Wisconsin, safer. This past spring, Governor Walker and the Republican-controlled legislature repealed the common sense waiting period, thus making it easier for someone to act violently during a moment of rage.


One of my Republican colleagues recently received attention as a result of an insensitive letter he wrote stating that if a person wants to commit suicide, they will do it with or without a gun. In 2013, about 425 of our Wisconsin neighbors died using firearms to commit suicide. These numbers can be reversed if the individual has second thoughts or if a loved one finds him or her before it's too late.


From 2008-2015, about two-thirds of homicides in Wisconsin involved firearms. Last year, roughly one Wisconsinite every three days was murdered and even more people were injured by gunfire. In Milwaukee, there were seven times more firearm injuries than deaths.

Republicans Senator LeMahieu and Representative Kremer recently circulated legislation, called the Campus Carry Act, that would make it illegal for public colleges and university campuses to ban concealed carry. I am vehemently opposed to this.


Of the 55 shootings to occur on school grounds in 2015, 23 have been at colleges and universities. These numbers are appalling and shameful. Our nation must come together and fix this problem to keep our students, teachers, and support staff safe while they learn or work.


I am co-sponsoring the response legislation to the Campus Carry Act, the College Campus Dangerous Weapon Ban, authored by some of my Democratic colleagues, Reps. Taylor, Sargent, and Berceau.... for more click here.

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