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I hope you’ve had a great March! Hopefully, the warm weather will come in soon so spring can truly begin. As always, I want to hear from you about your legislative priorities as we continue to move through the 2017-19 Legislative Session. Please join me for office hours this coming month at Colectivo Coffee at... for more click here.


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March for Our Lives


In the wake of the Parkland shooting, I have been incredibly disappointed in our federal and state governments’ inability to pass common sense gun reform. However, I am optimistic because this time feels different; politically active teens have started getting involved in the debate, and they refuse to let the 24-hour news cycle forget about their concerns.

On March 24th, students from Milwaukee and across the country participated in March for Our Lives, a youth-led movement and protest that called for increased gun restrictions in response to the Parkland shooting. Teens gathered at the... for more click here.

Gun Violence Prevention
Listening Session


On March 6th, Representative David Bowen and I held a listening session at the Plymouth Church in Milwaukee on one of the most important issues facing our State and Country today: Gun violence. We wanted to have a conversation with members of our community, gun policy experts, and faith leaders in order to bring specific policy ideas that work best for everyone back to the Capitol.

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