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Dear Neighbor,

In this e-update I will discuss my vote on the Bucks Arena deal. This has been a very intense issue for many of us and I appreciate all of the feedback and input I received during the process... for more click here.


  • Summer Safety
  • Mej Koob and Hmong Weddings
  • Opposition of the Arena
  • Non-profit of the month: Serve 2 Unite
  • Neighbor of the Month: Mark Flower
  • Business of the Month: Top Note Tonics
  • HS-WI Adoptable: Reeses

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Summer Safety

Summer.JPGAs you enjoy the great weather it is important to remember to protect yourself and your loved ones.... for more click here.


Mej Koob and Hmong Weddings

In traditional Hmong weddings, the Mej Koob negotiate the terms of the union. Usually there are two, one for each family. Many of the weddings officiated by the Mej Koob are not legally recognized outside of the Hmong community... for more click here.

Opposition of the Arena

As many of you already know, the State Legislature was asked this month to consider contributing funding to the Bucks for the construction of a new arena. I love the Bucks and am glad they will be staying in Milwaukee, but I could not support the final proposal. It was a bad deal for my neighbors in this Assembly District and for Milwaukee County.... for more click here.

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Non-Profit of the Month:
Serve 2 Unite
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Neighbor of the Month:
Mark Flower
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Business of the Month:
Top Note Tonics
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Adoptable from the
Humane Society
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