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Dear Neighbor,

I hope you’ve made the best of this chilly February! As always, I want to hear from you about your legislative priorities as we continue to move through the 2017-19 Legislative Session... for more click here.


  • Black History Month
  • Paid Parking in MKE County Parks
  • Spring 2018 Interns
  • Non-Profit of the Month: The Avenue Club
  • Neighbor of the Month: Dr. Robert Fox
  • Business of the Month: Blaze Pizza
  • HS-WI Adoptable: Rey
  • MADACC Adoptable:Henry

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Black History Month

Black History Month.pngThis February marked our 42nd annual Black History Month, and with it we celebrate the achievements of our African-Americans neighbors who have helped to shape our nation’s history... for more click here.


Universal Background Checks

Background Checks.pngOn the Wisconsin State Assembly’s last scheduled floor session for this cycle, every single Republican voted against universal background checks... for more click here.

Spring 2018 Interns!

Interns.pngI have the privilege to welcome a new group of interns to the office... for more click here.

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Non-Profit of the Month:
The Grand Avenue Club
For more, click here.
Neighbor of the Month:
Dr. Robert Fox
For more, click here.
Blaze Pizza.png
Business of the Month:
Blaze Pizza
For more, click here.
Adoptable from the
Humane Society
For more, click here.
Adoptable from MADACC
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