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Dear Neighbor,

By now you’re fully aware of Hurricane Harvey, the damage done, and rescue efforts that are underway by various non-profits, the Texas National Guard, and everyday heroes. During events like this, even during times where our country is divided on other issues, we are made aware of the acute kindness that exists in the human soul. Lives are... for more click here.


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The Fox Con


Just one month ago there was an announcement that was too good to be true about a factory coming to Wisconsin. Almost immediately the Governor ordered a Special Session in order to pass the "Foxconn" bill. I was immediately suspicious, and after reading the bill I knew I couldn't support it. It was written in a very sloppy manner with clawback provisions that read as "mays" instead of "shalls," language challenging our environmental security, troublingly ambiguous language around when they get our money (such as the statutory definition or lack thereof of a "significant" investment), but aside from all that it came with a 3 billion dollar price tag which we'd have to pay out of pocket from our state directly to

 ... for more click here.

Wisconsin's Absent Budget


We are going into our 8th week without a budget, though Repubs have indicated that they plan to finally finish their work on the budget in Joint Finance Committee on September 5th, and this gross lack of follow-through is not without consequence.

Milwaukee Public Schools have been forced to start school not knowing what their budget is because we don’t know what our budget is for education… or anything else. Schools can’t properly plan for expenses such as hiring new and needed staff until they know how much money they count on. How can the schools we put our children in succeed when the one-party-ruled state that funds those schools continues to fail?

Repubs have had six years to come up with a long-term solution to fund roads, but ... for more click here.

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