From the Office of Representative Jonathan Brostoff


Dear Neighbors,

The recent warm weather reminds us that it is almost spring! As we are moving steadily through the start of the 2017-19 Legislative Session, I want to invite you all to join me for office hours this month at Anodyne Coffee Roaster, at 2920 S. Kinnickinnic Ave., on Friday, March 17th, 8:00-9:00 a.m. to discuss your legislative priorities.

I believe it is essential that community members be informed and involved in the political process while it happens, on their behalf, here at the Capitol. I have worked on some new ideas to help communicate what's going on here with you, and I look forward to telling you about them below!

As February comes to a close we are nearing the end of Black History Month, but appreciation of black contributions to our communities, culture, and more must continue every day throughout the year. Our nation must also recognize the ongoing oppression of our African-American community members so that we will continue to fight for progress. Black history is important to recognize every day.

For more than six months, people camped in North Dakota in hopes of stopping an oil pipeline from being constructed beneath the primary water source for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. Last week, Wisconsin's State Troopers assisted in the forcible removal of the remaining protesters under the false pretense of aiding an emergency. This is a misuse of a valuable compact as well as an abuse of power. I will explain this further below as well.

This month's featured Business, Nonprofit, and Neighbor are Nail Bar Milwaukee, TRUE Skool, and Tom Reed.

I would like to welcome a new member of my staff, Anahí, who I am honored to introduce you all to below. A list of all the amazing spring interns we have assembled to help out the 19th Assembly District is in this e-news issue as well.

This e-newsletter also includes our regular In the News section; a brief list of upcoming community events; and this month’s highlighted adoptable pets available from the Wisconsin Humane Society-Milwaukee Campus and MADACC. Check them out!

If you have suggestions for next month's event calendar, featured neighbor, nonprofit, or business, or would like to be added to my e-news list, please email me at

I am also always available to respond to your inquiries and communications when you contact me in my office — at (608) 266-0650 or Also, you can keep up-to-date with ongoing information and developments by following me on Twitter and Facebook and by visiting my website.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve.

In service,

Jonathan Brostoff
State Representative
19th Assembly District


Bringing the Capitol to You

One of the most fundamental dilemmas in the state of Wisconsin is the lack of transparency and information accessibility between the Capitol and the community. In an effort to combat this, I have been hard at work to create more ways to share the information with you. I want you to have access to everything going on here and able to develop informed opinions to turn into actions.

Over the next several weeks, I will begin producing and posting more resources to increase transparency. The first of these, I am happy to announce, is already up and running. Each week, I will be filming What's Up Wednesday videos. These will each be roughly two minutes long and in them I will discuss two to four pieces of legislation I am watching closely that moved in the last week. The series intro video is found here and the first episode is found here.

Coming soon will be a weekly PDF which I will post on my website and link on Facebook and Twitter. It will detail the legislation that is moving through different stages of the legislative process including: what has been circulated, introduced, committee actions, session, signings, and enactment. You can also see which ones I support and co-sponsor. In addition, the Wisconsin Legislature has a service you may sign up for to receive notification when anything happens on bills that matter to you. Sign up here.

I also plan on publishing a calendar of public meetings. If you are available to attend meetings that interest you, it is a great way to gather information about legislation that directly impact issues you care about in our state as well as to learn from industry experts. You can also watch many of the meetings from the comfort of your home at WisconsinEye.

I am also laying down the foundation to create Facebook Live Town Hall events each month. A Facebook Live event is the perfect way to let the public have an “in” to my work each day and an opportunity to ask me questions and get direct answers.

Government works best with all hands on desk, so towards those ends I ask you to share this legislative information early and often. One of my goals is to get as much information as possible out to the public and I am fortunate my community is engaged, so please stay tuned for information about what is happening in our state capitol. Your representatives and senators are here to represent you - do not hesitate to make your voices heard!

Black History Month

February marks a month of remembrance and recognition where we must both celebrate the African-Americans who, today and throughout history, have influenced innovation, discovery, creativity, civil rights, and more to make our nation great while recognizing with solemnity the injustices our nation has always repaid them with.

Carter G. Woodson, an African-American historian, conceived and initiated the first observance of Negro History Week in 1926. He chose the week based on the anniversaries of the days of birth for both President Lincoln and Frederick Douglass. The weekly celebration continued each year until 1976 when President Gerald Ford expanded it to a month-long observance of the "too-often neglected accomplishments of black Americans in every area of endeavor throughout our history." Since then, every U.S. president has designated February as Black History Month.

As February comes to a close, it is important to recall the inhumane and unlawful acts carried out throughout history across our country towards African-Americans. And though progress occurred thanks to civil rights laws it is clear there is still much more needed.


13.3% of the U.S. is black

37.8% of federal inmates are black
National Unemployment Rate 4.8% overall 7.7% of blacks are unemployed
Wisconsin Graduation Rate 88.4% overall 64.1% of black students graduate high school in WI
Median Household Income $60,250 for whites $35,400 for blacks
Median Household Wealth $134,230 for whites $11,030 for blacks
Home Ownership Rates 71.9% for whites 42.4% for blacks

February is also a time to recognize all the accomplishments of black Americans. In the face of adversity, it takes a lot of courage to stand up and stand out. Some recent examples are:
Jeanette Epps will be the first African-American space station crew member.
Chancelor Bennett, known as Chance the Rapper, won three Grammy awards without signing a record deal or charging money for his music.
Ava DuVernay is the first black female to direct a movie with a $100 million budget - A Wrinkle in Time.
Allyson Felix became the only track-and-field athlete to ever win six Olympic gold medals winning a total of nine medals altogether and the title of most decorated woman in U.S. track and field history. Maurice Ashley received the title of Grandmaster by the U.S. Chess Hall of Fame, their first African-American to receive the title. Talented enough to have taught celebrities such as Jay Z and Will Smith, he spends his time teaching chess to students in low-income neighborhoods.
Mahershala Ali has become the first Muslim to win an Oscar following his conversion to a highly persecuted sect of Islam called Ahmadiyya 17 years ago.
Kamala Harris is the second black woman and the first eastern-Indian American to serve on the United States Senate.
Colin Kaepernick who, despite public backlash, used passive protests to increase public attention for the issue of race relations in the U.S.
And so many more.

Compared to just one generation ago, our country has come far but we are stagnant now and cannot rest as we work towards creating a nation that is equal and fair to all. As said by Martin Luther King, Jr., “The time is always right to do what is right.”


For more than 6 months, water protectors have been on the front lines, living in camps in Cannonball, North Dakota, peacefully resisting construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) which, if finalized, would cross under Lake Oahe, a Missouri River reservoir that serves as the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s drinking water source.

Since the protests started, reports of nearly 30 pipeline bursts within the United States have occurred. One was just 150 miles from Cannonball and spilled 176,000 gallons of oil of which 130,000 gallons made it into the Ash Coulee Creek. The Dakota Access pipeline would transport 470,000 barrels of oil a day across four states.

Last October, the Governors of North Dakota, South Dakota, and Iowa sent letters to the Army Corp of Engineers demanding that the project be approved. The letter has now been shown to have been written by, and provided to the states through, Energy Transfer Partners which is the public relations firm for the main builder of DAPL.

At the height of protests, there were 10,000 people, but as weather became harsh many left. The government told the remaining water protectors to vacate as the camp would undergo a government-mandated shutdown. Last week, Wisconsin sent 17 State Troopers to help North Dakota remove everyone who remained. Arrests of 56 people occurred for defying the order. Wisconsin's State Troopers performed their duties without their name tags on their uniforms, hiding behind anonymity and preventing those affected from filing complaints if needed.

Wisconsin's Superintendent of State Troopers, Superintendent J.D. Lind, sent them under the Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC). EMAC is a national disaster-relief compact that has shared assistance between states during times of emergency since being enacted in 1996.

Under Wisconsin Statute 323.80, Article 2, Section B, the intent of EMAC is to give help when it is “essential to the safety, care, and welfare of the people in the event of any emergency or disaster.” This intent was clearly violated last week, so I am looking at how best to require: 1) Future requesting states prove the projected benefit is for their people and not the government or industries; 2) There be a public oversight system in place to quickly override or reverse actions taken by the Superintendent of State Troopers when in violation of the EMAC's intent; and 3) A clear path to seek compensation for people who are harmed or inconvenienced as a result of the misuse of this compact.

Taking the lives and rights of Native Americans is a plague on our country’s history. As a state, Wisconsin should stand with its 11 federally recognized tribes, all of whom support of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe's fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline. Native American sovereignty and access to clean water are not for sale, no matter how large or rich the corporation. I stand with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in solidarity.


Wisconsin's Deaf Legislative Lobby Day

Wisconsin's Deaf Legislative Lobby Day is coming up and the deadline to RSVP is March 10th - just a few days away! Make sure you visit Eventbrite to reserve your tickets today here.

The Facebook event page is here. Please make sure you use the link in the description to reserve tickets - not the Facebook RSVP.

View my video invitation here.

Representative Brostoff in the News

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To keep up with the latest news, click here.

Welcome to Anahí Sánchez Sandoval

Anahí (Ah-naa-EE) joins me and my Research Assistant Rebecca as the Legislative Assistant for Assembly District 19. She has close to a year of previous experience working in legislative offices.

Prior to moving to Madison and working for public servants in the Capitol, Anahí dedicated herself to organizing in the Milwaukee community for over 10 years.

Growing up in Milwaukee as an immigrant from a working class parents, her perspective of the struggles of her family and neighbors and understanding the impact of segregation in the city through her own lived experience, guided her to dedicate herself to furthering the rights of immigrants and people of color, developing the leadership of others, and creating alternative spaces that challenge segregation in the city.

"I am grateful to be a part of such a wonderful, hardworking and dedicated team and I look forward to helping Representative Brostoff further his work in the 19th District." - Anahí Sánchez Sandoval

Spring 2017 Interns

Hello, my name is Alex and I am a senior attending the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee and majoring in Political Science. I plan to attend graduate school to pursue a degree and career in either urban planning or dentistry.

I began my interest in politics when I became involved in my first political campaign during the 2004 Presidential Election. Since then, I have developed an interested in the political process and have been actively involved in various political campaigns and have worked in several political offices.

In my free time, I enjoy discussing politics, spending time with friends, reading, writing or working on my stamp collection.
Hi, my name is Aisha. As a student at the UW-Madison, I study math and Arabic. Originally born in Texas, I moved to Madison, Wisconsin the summer before I started high school, and have loved it ever since.

This past summer, I worked for the Wisconsin Coordinated Campaign. After that, I wanted to get involved with a cause that would give me a sense of purpose again-- a place where I felt I was positively contributing to a progressive and inclusive Wisconsin. I am excited for the internship at Rep. Brostoff's office, and the work that lies ahead.
Hi, I’m Ben! I am currently a sophomore at UW-Madison thinking of studying business or legal studies with a certificate in developmental economics. I was born in Neenah, Wisconsin but have moved around my whole life, living in Kalamazoo, Michigan before I came to Madison.

I am an avid sports fan that loves all Wisconsin teams, and I also love to ski. I am interested in social issues such as gun control and programs that help inmates better enter society upon their release. I hope to use my experience gained through this internship to attend law school upon graduation.

My interest for politics grew after taking some classes learning about legal institutions and how the government works. Now, I will be able to see it first hand and hopefully be able to make a difference in the Milwaukee community! I am beyond excited to be interning for Representative Brostoff!


Hello, my name is Benjamin and I’m currently a junior at the University of Wisconsin - Madison studying human development and family studies in the School of Human Ecology. I was born and raised in the Madison area, living in De Forest, Wisconsin for the majority of my life.

I am highly involved with Army ROTC on campus, and will commission as an active duty 2nd Lieutenant upon graduation. My goal is to branch Combat Arms, and to make the Army my career.

My curiosity of politics arose as a child, thanks to my father’s job in the Senate Chief Clerk’s Office. I’ve since then began my involvement in politics and taken action on public issues such as the assistance of veterans, prevention of sexual assault, global warming, and suicide awareness.

In my free time I enjoy working out, playing basketball, and anything that keeps me active.


Hello, my name is Genevieve. I am a third-year student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison studying legal studies and political science with a certificate in criminal justice. Before moving to Madison, I grew up in Brodhead, WI, a small town near the Illinois border.

Here in Madison, I am a full-time student, I am a member of the marching band, and I currently hold different employment opportunities on campus. I also find enjoyment in volunteering in and around campus and staying up to date with current events.

In the future, my goal is to graduate from UW-Madison and attend law school. With that, I would eventually like to practice law and work toward being an elected official such as a District Attorney. I hope that this new experience through Rep. Brostoff’s office will help me develop skills and knowledge of public service, and I excited to use this experience for my future career.


Hi, I'm Harrison. I've always been involved with public and community service - I started by volunteering as an office assistance at St. Alphonsus Parish while I was in high school. Here I was able to contribute my time and efforts into any initiatives the church had ongoing, primarily through aiding the Christian Formation program director.  

Before my senior year in high school, I enlisted in the Wisconsin Army National Guard, which has proved to be one of the most fruitful decisions I've ever made, granting me a wealth of experience and core values. I now attend the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee where I study political science in hopes to attend law school and later work in government administration or law practice.

I've also recently joined the 501st Legion's Wisconsin Garrison, with whom I hope to volunteer for years to come. I hope that through my time with Representative Brostoff's office, I'll be able to help facilitate a lasting positive impact on my city, my state, and my community.
Hi, I’m Katlyn! I’m from Sussex, Wisconsin, attending UW-Madison as I work towards my bachelor’s degree in legal studies, with a minor in criminal justice.

Current issues that have taken my concern are women’s rights, environmental rights, and animal rights; feasibly, any group that is misrepresented or underrepresented is where I often find my attentions. I am also very interested in healthcare, and would like to mesh my experiences from the health care field with a strong legal base.

Locally, I enjoy attending Madison’s various sporting events, visiting Downtown Milwaukee, or just relaxing with a good book and my golden retriever, Cali. In my free time, however, I love to be active; running, hiking, kayaking, and camping are just a few ways I love to spend my free time.

I look forward to interning for Representative Brostoff - I appreciate the new experiences it will bring, and am excited to be involved with Wisconsin's legislature!
Hi, my name is Nick and I am currently a senior at UW-Milwaukee majoring in Political Science and Economics. I'm originally from Cedarburg and came to Milwaukee to broaden my horizons in a community with more diversity and new perspectives.

I have been interested in politics for most of my life, but especially in the past few years as I am becoming increasingly aware of the many pressing issues that our world faces. After seeing and knowing many people that are struggling to get by and many who are denied basic liberties, I decided to alter my career path in order to better help people like them.

In my free time, I enjoy reading articles and novels, watching documentaries, listening to political news and comedy, exercising and bowling. I like to think about how the world works, listen to the concerns and ideas people have, and work to implement change for the better.
My name is Sunny. I am a junior at UW-Madison, majoring in Legal Studies and Psychology with a certificate in Criminal Justice.

I plan on going to law school immediately after I receive my bachelor’s degree to pursue business law. My other fields of interest include criminal psychopathology and criminal law.
Outside of school, I enjoy going to concerts, watching Netflix, and hanging out with friends.
Hello! My name is Tatiana and I am a recent 2016 graduate from Edgewood College. I received my bachelor’s degree in international relations with minors in business, political science, and French.

As a dual citizen of France and the United States, I am passionate about learning and affecting the global political impacts that we are faced with today. Besides my passion for global impacts, I am an avid world traveler and enjoy learning new languages as well as attending UW-Madison sporting events and shows at the Overture Center.

I am excited to use my knowledge that I have acquired through my studies and travels to aid Representative Brostoff’s office and am looking forward to enhancing my skills within the field of politics and furthering my future career choices!
Hello, my name is Zach! Currently, I am a freshman at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee pursuing my bachelor's degree in political science. Starting next semester, I will also be a cadet in the Air Force ROTC program, which will allow me to serve my country upon completion of college.

Born and raised in the Cream City, I have been lucky enough to meet and work with some of the most strong-willed and nicest people from across our state. With this being said, I look forward to assisting Representative Brostoff with his drive for social change and combating inequalities that certain individuals deal with throughout our city.

Besides attending school, I also work part time as a shift leader at Kwik Trip. In my free time, I enjoy flying as a pilot with the Civil Air Patrol, attending local sport events, and playing tennis. I look forward to assisting Representative Brostoff in making Wisconsin and the City of Milwaukee a better place to live for everyone!

Returning Interns

Hello, my name is Lucy! I’m a sophomore at UW–Madison studying legal studies and political science. Originally from Maplewood, New Jersey, I came to Madison to further my liberal arts education in the Letters & Science Honors Program.

I am very passionate about the many social issues that affect millions of Americans daily, including women’s rights and racial disparities in the criminal justice system and education. I hope to pursue a career in advocacy and community empowerment to help drive social change and combat these inequalities.

I also love playing soccer, skiing, and traveling, and am hoping to study abroad next year!

Local Business of the Month: Nail Bar Milwaukee

Nail Bar Milwaukee is the perfect place to schedule a relaxing retreat for each and every person. Through promotion of health and wellness, guests receive a sanctuary for their senses within a contemporary setting.

Nail Bar Milwaukee is on Downer Avenue on Milwaukee’s Upper East Side. It's a full-service high-end nail and waxing salon that uses quality products with an enjoyable therapeutic atmosphere. The latest in nail treatments, waxing, threading, party lashes and brow and lash tinting services are all readily available. They are introducing microblading, a 3D permanent hair stroke tattoo for eyebrows, which they are one of the first in the area to use.

Hours: Tues-Fri: 9:30 AM – 7:30 PM, Sat: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM, Sun: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM

For more information on Nail Bar Milwaukee, click here.

Nonprofit of the Month:
TRUE Skool

“TRUE Skool’s mission is to use the urban arts as a tool to engage youth in social justice and humanities education, leadership and workforce development”

TRUE Skool believes that they are able to make significant, positive changes in their participants’ lives. They want to introduce new solutions to old, recurring problems. They believe that poverty, the public school systems, and lack of opportunities and jobs for young people needs to change and that this change needs to happen now.

Recently, there has been a problem with the low graduation rates of young people in the Milwaukee school systems. TRUE Skool offers a solution to this issue.

Hip Hop, and other popular culture, is the solution because they have the power to offer unexplored opportunities for the upcoming generations. TRUE Skool provides participants with these opportunities, so that they are able to use the knowledge that they gain in these programs to make changes within themselves and to believe in their ability to succeed.

TRUE Skool offers young adults (ages 14-19) a variety of different programs including their Urban Arts Program, Adopt a Community Program, workshops, and other special events.

For more information on TRUE Skool, click here.

Neighbor of the Month:
Tom Reed

Tom Reed has been an active member of the Milwaukee law community since he graduated from Northwestern University and Cornell Law School.

He has been a member of the Milwaukee Criminal Trial Office of the State Public Defender since 1982, the First Assistant State Public Defender since 2000, a member of the Board of Directors of the Milwaukee Bar Association, the MBA Legal Services to the Indigent and Courts Committees, a member on the Board of Directors for the Milwaukee chapter of National Alliance on Mental Illness. He is also a Community Advisory Board Member for the Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility and a Steering Committee Member of the Milwaukee Mental Health Task force.

In 2008, he received the E. Michael McCann Distinguished Public Service Award for his dedication for the support of justice for indigent persons.

Tom is now with the Milwaukee public defender’s office and has taught at the Marquette Law School since 1999. He has, and continues to do, a lot of work with mental health and restorative justice, two fields in which he is truly passionate about.

Thank you, Tom, for everything you do!

For more information, click here.

Upcoming Events

March 1st Teachers in the Library Educational Interest Teachers are available after school at selected libraries to assist students in grades 1 through 8 with homework help, academic support and encouragement.
Click here for more information.
March 2nd Jake Miller American pop rapper Jake Miller visits Milwaukee for an epic performance.
Click here for more information.
March 2nd Veterans and Art See live performances by local veterans, short films that focus on military culture, as well as an art gallery featuring a variety of local artists.
Click here for more information.
March 4th Luck of the Dog Fundraiser A night of pipers, Irish dancers, trivia and live Irish music to benefit Canine Cupids dog rescue.
Click here for more information.
March 4th 15th Blarney Bash for MS Beer Tasting, Chili Cook-Off, Music Drawings, Silent Auctions, Sports Memorabilia. Proceeds benefit the National MS Society Wisconsin Chapter
Click here for more information.
March 6th Celebrate Seuss! Entertainment/Recreation! Join Mr. Rick for a magical birthday celebration. You might even be chosen to be suspended in mid-air!
Click here for more information.
March 7th Fermentorium Beer and Grilled Cheese Tasting Join Uber Tap Room for a unique beer tasting, pairing four Fermentorium beers with four grilled cheese sandwiches!
Click here for more information.
March 15th Kids and Cooking A fun way to teach kids how to cook!
Click here for more information.
March 19th R&B Live Milwaukee A twist on the classic without losing the integrity of great music!
Click here for more information.
March 19th 1st Annual Spring Craft Kick Off in Milwaukee Features over 35 booths of concessions, food, entertainment, and handmade crafters from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and surrounding areas.
Click here for more information.
March 21st Reinhart Milwaukee 2017 Culinary Expo Your destination for new products, hot deals, on-trend ideas, and business solutions!
Click here for more information.
March 26th Foundations for Freedom, Inc FashionWalk Foundations for Freedom, Inc. FashionWalk is a fashion show to raise awareness and raise money to eradicate human trafficking.
Click here for more information.
March 28th - 31st Cinderella the Musical The classic fairy tale brought to life in musical form.
Click here for more information.

Free Admission Days

Milwaukee Art Museum
1st Thursday of each month
700 N. Art Museum Drive

Milwaukee Public Museum
1st Thursday of each month
800 W. Wells St.

Betty Brinn Children's Museum
3rd Thursday of each month 5pm-8
929 E. Wisconsin St.

Mitchell Park Domes
Mondays 9am-12pm
524 S. Layton Blvd.

Adoptable Pets

Ray is a one-year-old super-soft grey male with medium length hair waiting at the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission to meet you.

He is up to date on all vaccines, neutered, and has a microchip.

For more information about Ray, please click here.

Angel is a nine-month-old puppy who lives life in the fast lane! This stunning pooch is looking for an active home without other animals or kids under 10 where she can get plenty of play time. She’s very smart and has been working on a few cues here in the shelter, so it’ll be important to continue those routine training sessions to set her up for success.

If you’re looking for an intelligent, ambitious young pup, come to the Wisconsin Humane Society Milwaukee Campus and ask for Angel today!


For more information about Angel, please click here.



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