Brostoff 2021-22 Committee Pages

Regulatory Licensing - Ranking member

Regulatory licensing is a critical safety mechanism, but it has been under a coordinated nationwide attack over recent years. It is true that the cost of higher education is a barrier to many people, but that is solved by funding higher education. The real goal of deregulation is to drive down wages at the cost of worker and consumer safety. This committee has existed for two sessions, and I have held the position of ranking member during both.

Aging and Long-Term Care

My mother, now retired, was a geriatric social worker, and I learned at a young age the difficulties faced by some of our most vulnerable neighbors either through complications from aging, severe illness, disability, or other debilitating conditions. I am proud to have the opportunity to continue my mother's advocacy through my work in the Committee on Aging and Long-Term Care for the fourth consecutive session.

Mental Health

A person's health impacts their entire life whether it is physical or mental health. It can interfere in employment, family and friendship dynamic and stability, substance addiction, and so much more. It can even impact life expectancy. Although our communities have gotten better at understanding that health care and illness is the same regardless of the symptoms, there is still so much further we need to go. I have served on this committee each of my four sessions in the legislature.

Financial Institutions

Predatory payday lenders, excessive banking fees, and other financial penalties that only serve to make the poor poorer and rich richer need to stop. This committee allows me to advocate for consumer-friendly policies and to push back on predatory ones. 


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