Dear neighbor,

Aging can be difficult, all the more so when our lives are touched by Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. For those who have one of these illnesses, remaining independent each day can be challenging. For family and friends, helping the ones we love can take an emotional and financial toll. I would like to help family caregivers who find themselves with this challenge.

As a member of the Committee on Aging and Long-Term Care and a participant on the Speaker’s Task Force on Alzheimer’s and Dementia, I understand that community resources are invaluable. For that reason, I have prepared this listing of programs in the Milwaukee area that may be of help to you as you help your loved ones.

Additionally, Wisconsin's Department of Health Services has put together an online training for caregivers. It can be found here.

In service,
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Jonathan Brostoff
State Representative

Alzheimer's and Dementia Resources

Caregiver Support

Caring for a loved one can be difficult. Below is a list of programs to help you help your loved one.

Family Caregiver Support Network (414)220-8600
Froedtert Medical College (414)805-3666
Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare (414)645-9095

Adult Day Centers

These programs offer adult day service and many offer a variety of additional services such as haircuts, bathing, overnight respite care, and enrichment activities. Many have an associated cost but may offer financial assistance.

For additional locations, please call the Alzheimer’s Association at (414)479-8800.

Aurora Adult Day Service (414)374-4000
St. Ann Center (414)977-5000
Jewish Home & Day Service (414)289-9600
Generations Adult Day Center

Support in the Community

Aging Resource Center (ARC)
Provides information to help people stay active, independent, and connected. (414)289-6874

Provides opportunities to enjoy art.

Interfaith Older Adult Program
Provides assistance with daily tasks and offers recreational opportunities. (414)291-7500

Beulah Brinton Senior Center
Offers a variety of recreational and educational activities. (414)481-2494

In-Home, Non-Medical Respite Care
The Alzheimer’s Association can provide you with a complete listing for dozens of providers across Milwaukee. (414)479-8800

Senior Meal Program
Offering of free meals at several locations or delivered to the home. (414)289-6995

Silver Alerts
Similar to an Amber Alert, a statewide alert can be sent through the community if an adult with Alzheimer’s or dementia is missing. To use the system, simply call 911.

Music Therapy

Music has been found to be very therapeutic to people suffering with memory loss as it uses a portion of the brain typically less damaged by Alzheimer’s.

Melodies and Memory Choir
Community choir for people who experience memory loss and dementia. (414)219-5127

Music and Memory Programs
Personalized music playlists to tap deep memories not lost to dementia.

Memory Cafés

Memory Cafés organize social events, such as games and music, as well as providing a safe place to be social for people suffering from memory loss, dementia, or mild cognitive impairment and their caregivers.

Please call ahead for the monthly schedules at each of these locations, or call the Alzheimer’s Association at (414)479-8800.

United Methodist Church (414)744-4036
Cranky Al’s (414)258-5282
Daddy’s Soul Food & Grill (303)732-3397
Ferch’s Malt Shoppe (414)423-1414
Miss Katie’s Diner (414)344-0044
Three Lions Pub (414)763-6992
Pitch’s Express (414)277-8838

For more information on Alzheimer’s and Dementia, please contact:
•Alzheimer’s Association (800)272-3900
Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Institute (414)219-5083
Alzheimer’s Foundation of America (866)232-8484
•Alzheimer’s and Dementia Alliance (608)232-3400
•UW Alzheimer’s Institute

For help, such as needing healthcare of food, please contact the United Way at (866)221-3380 or simply dial 211.

For a printable copy of this resource pamphlet, please click here.