May 25, 2021

Contact: Representative Supreme Moore Omokunde (608-266-5580)

Rep. Moore Omokunde: Expand BadgerCare to Create a More Equitable Wisconsin for All

MADISON - Today, the Wisconsin State Legislature was scheduled to meet in special session to expand BadgerCare and invest an additional $1.6 billion in federal funding in dozens of different projects across the state of Wisconsin. Assembly Democrats came together to urge legislative Republicans to vote in favor of expanding BadgerCare and also voiced support for Gov. Evers’ proposed investments.

“I am proud to join Assembly Democrats today in support of expanding BadgerCare, which would bring in more than 1 billion additional federal dollars to invest in Wisconsin’s economic recovery and help create a more equitable Wisconsin,” said Rep. Moore Omokunde (D-Milwaukee). “I wholeheartedly support Gov. Evers’ proposal to use these funds to address a myriad of needs across the state of Wisconsin, including replacing lead laterals, fixing our roads and bridges, greener infrastructure and jobs, and boosting urgently-needed Mental Health resources. This is an incredible, one-time opportunity for our state. We cannot afford to throw 1 billion dollars away.”

Unfortunately, Legislative Republicans gaveled in and out of the special session in under 30 seconds, stifling any opportunity at productive discourse. Legislative Republicans once again refuse to expand BadgerCare, thus rejecting the $1.6 billion in federal funds being offered to Wisconsin, despite the fact that Gov. Evers promises to invest many of these funds in communities represented by Republicans.

Continued Rep. Moore Omokunde, “I have never heard a legitimate reason to say ‘no’ to BadgerCare expansion. My Republican colleagues are refusing to accept $1.6 billion that could be invested in our state’s economic recovery because they are worried about giving Governor Evers a “political win”. It seems that only in Wisconsin that health care is not a bipartisan issue. Wisconsin is one of only 12 states that have not expanded Medicaid, or as we know it, BadgerCare. Republican-led states like Arkansas, Iowa and Ohio have ALL already expanded Medicaid and are reaping the economic benefits. Without these federal dollars, the projects and investments that Gov. Evers has proposed, and that a large majority of Wisconsinites support, will not happen. I urge my Republican colleagues to stop listening to state party bosses and start doing what’s best for their constituents and for the state of Wisconsin.”

Rep. Moore Omokunde represents the 17th Assembly District on the North and Northwest sides of Milwaukee.