Climate and Jobs Package

Coming in January 2023 - meanwhile, check out our framework.

Holding our Institutions Accountable

Last session, my office circulated AB523 to members of the legislature. This bill establishes statewide decertification protocol for law enforcement officers that violate an official use of force policy or terminate employment when under investigation for official misconduct. Officers who are decertified under this legislation can only be re-certified by a Police and Fire Commission in the new jurisdiction in which they wish to serve, providing valuable citizen input into police officer hiring decisions.

Check out these recent news articles in which I speak on the Wisconsin State Legislature's criminal justice improvement efforts as well as the officer decertification bill:

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Ya Need Therapy! - A Virtual Panel Conversation on Black Mental Wellness - May 27th, 2021

I really enjoyed this conversation featuring 4 wonderful panelists: Dr. Ken Ginlack, Dr. Marrika Rodgers, Mr. Jeremy Triblett, and Ms. Crystal Hester, MSW. Check it out below and let my office know what you think! I plan to hold quarterly Black Mental Wellness panels throughout my first term in office - we hope to see you there!