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Meet Tom


Tom Michalski has more than 17 years of combined county and village experience in his two current roles as an elected official. As a veteran elected official, Michalski will use this knowledge and his life experience to preserve and enhance the quality of life for residents of the 13th Assembly District.


“Growing up in Greenfield WI, of blue-collar parents, my parents taught me the value of hard work and self-sufficiency,” Michalski said. “These values, along with my role as an elected official and my 23 years living in the district have given me the experiences needed to be a strong voice to represent us in Madison.”


After serving 30 years as an information technology specialist at Marquette University, Michalski chose public service instead of retiring. In addition to his elected spots, Michalski is currently in his 16th year as a volunteer member of the Elm Grove Fire Department and has spent two years on the Waukesha County Technical College Board.


Service to others has been Michalski’s common thread personally as well as professionally. He has taken great pride in many of his accomplishments: helping people get the education and training needed to succeed in life at Marquette University and Waukesha County Technical College; helping to protect life and property as an Elm Grove Firefighter; and helping to secure the long-term viability of Elm Grove Village and Waukesha County.


Working with these organizations has given Michalski a keen insight into the challenges and opportunities faced by residents and municipalities. He understands first-hand how state-imposed requirements and limitations can reduce the options available to solve problems on the local level.


“I will continue to listen to the people in the 13th District while I work to secure individual prosperity through skills and workforce development,” Michalski said. “I will also work hard to secure the prosperity of our towns, villages, and cities by fighting for the proper tools to grow and evolve.”


Tom and his wife Jennifer Morris have lived in Elm Grove, Wisconsin for 23 years.