August 9, 2022

Rep. Dora Drake’s Statement on the New Type 1 Youth Correctional Facility

Madison- Today, State Rep. Dora Drake (D-11th Assembly District Milwaukee) released the following statement regarding the New Type 1 Youth Correctional Facility:


“When we learned of the abuse and neglect that was occurring in Lincoln Hills, it was imperative that the facility needed to close and we restructure Wisconsin’s juvenile correctional system.


Today, Gov. Evers and the Department of Corrections announced the new Type 1 Youth Correctional Facility will be located at 7930 West Clinton Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 53223. This facility does not address the issues we see in our youth justice system, but it is one step forward towards bringing our children safely and responsibly closer to home.


I look forward to the community conversations and work ahead of us to ensure this new facility comes to this site on West Clinton Avenue, in what will be the new 11th Assembly District, so justice-involved youth can get all the resources and services our community has to offer, and the supports needed to be successful upon release. For more information, you can see the timeline of establishing the Type 1 Youth Correctional Facility here and go to state’s website for additional information.