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March 23, 2021
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Steineke Approves Truth in Spending Act

MADISON – State Representative Jim Steineke (R-Kaukauna) voted in favor of legislation that would allow for public input into the allocation of federal stimulus dollars while on the Assembly floor this afternoon. The Truth in Spending Act gives Wisconsinites a voice through their elected representatives in how the billions of federal dollars coming to the state will be spent.

“Wisconsinites on the ground who are feeling the effects of the pandemic more than Madison bureaucrats deserve transparency and accountability when it comes to the billions of relief dollars coming to our state,” said Rep. Steineke. “The Truth in Spending Act is an opportunity to give the people a voice and ensure our state’s portion of federal aid is spent in the areas most important to our Wisconsin communities.”

The bill is modeled closely after language that Democrats approved in 2009 requiring Joint Finance Committee oversight of funds the state received from the federal stimulus package. With reports that Wisconsin could receive as much as $5.5 billion from the American Rescue Plan, taxpayers deserve a collaborative effort to ensure the priorities of more than just Madison and Milwaukee are being considered.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the governor has ignored critical needs of Wisconsinites when allocating relief funds. Rep. Steineke advocated for more funding for nursing homes after being contacted by a long-term care facility President and CEO in May of last year. At the time, a small fraction of the CARES Act funding Governor Evers had to spend was allocated to nursing homes – facilities that bore a large percentage of COVID-related deaths.

“A year ago, Governor Evers was given billions of dollars to allocate how he pleased – and in that process, largely left our nursing homes and long-term care facilities out in the cold,” continued Rep. Steineke. “We’ve seen what spending at the Governor’s sole discretion looks like, and Wisconsinites deserve much better.”